Liz Cheney Legislation LAST SHOT AT TRUMP


Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has four months left in office and she is going to try to make the most of it.

According to reports, Cheney is about to put a piece of legislation on the floor that is a clear shot at Trump.

Cheney is trying to rewrite the electoral process.

She is also trying to eliminate the VP from the process, even though that role is largely ceremonial.

Going Out with a Bang

Cheney wants to change the way electoral votes are counted during an election.

This is her response to Trump operatives attempting to present Pence with bogus electors.

Cheney wants the electors to be unchallengeable unless there is a supermajority vote to support such a challenge.

Cheney and Democrat Zoe Lofgren stated, “The Select Committee has been considering legislative recommendations based on its findings concerning the January 6 attack and will share those soon.

“These will include a bipartisan approach to the Electoral Count Act.”

Currently, there only needs to be a single objection from the House and Senate, but Lofgren has hinted that her legislation would call for a third of each chamber.

As noted above, the Congress’ role would be to accept all electoral votes, as is currently the role of the VP, with only a supermajority vote permitting investigation into any potential problems.

I am sure Trump will have something to say about this, so stay tuned.


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