Liquor Store Outwitted Lawless Thugs During Holdup


Houston Police have some cash to hand anyone who knows the three stooges who tried to rob a liquor store on May 23. They went unicorn hunting for some top shelf whiskey valued at $4,200 bottle and it didn’t quite go as planned. They thought they scored, until they saw the news on TV. That’s when they learned that they ran off with a decoy bottle. Turning them in for it can get one of their ex-girlfriends a quick $5,000, which would be really annoying.

Liquor store outwits thieves

That bottle in the display case with a $4,200 price tag was a tempting target to the thieves who populate the vicinity of the 2800 block of the Katy Freeway, in Houston, Texas. The liquor store owners knew it, too.

That’s why they were smart enough to keep the real deal in the back under lock and key. All that was in the case was a fancy bottle full of colored water. The bottle is still worth something on the internet, though not nearly as much.

As related by local police, “an employee unlocked the display case and pulled out the bottle of liquor when one of the men then forcibly grabbed the bottle from the employee’s hands and ran out of the store.

An accomplice then “reached into the display case and removed another box of the same liquor, which he then dropped as he ran out of the store realizing that the box was empty.

Police described suspect number one as “a Black man wearing a white pullover, black shorts, white cap and white shoes.” Number two sported a black Nike pullover, dark shorts and blue shoes.

Contestant number three had a goatee and black jacket. Anyone who got burned by these connoisseur liquor collectors in a meth deal, or who simply wants to ruin their day in exchange for 5 grand, should DIRECTLY call Crime Stoppers of Houston. If you don’t call them directly, kiss the cash and any witness protection goodbye.

Thieves outsmart distillery

On the other side of the planet in Scotland, the liquor thieves were smarter than a famous distillery. Professionals who knew exactly what they were doing hit the Glenfarclas distillery visitor center in Speyside, Scotland.

Some of the bottles in their display case sold for $22,000 or more. They didn’t have decoys. “Thieves made off with 20 bottles of rare whisky. Really rare. Over $184,000 worth. Gone in 240 seconds.

Scottish police are still scrounging for clues. All they really know is that “the thieves picked the early morning hours of Sunday, May 15, to break in.” Also, they note Speyside “is known for its distilleries.” Famous unicorn liquor brands galore. “Thieves were only inside the building for about four minutes.

That was long enough to “steal some of the brand’s most valuable bottles, including releases from its Family Casks series and a 60-year-old single malt.” It’s obvious to the distillery that “they knew exactly what they were looking for.” He can be certain because “they made their way straight to our cabinet that holds our most expensive whisky.

Because pros using the exact same methods hit the visitor center at Aberlour Distillery a few weeks earlier, police “don’t believe anyone local was involved in the heist. Instead, they’re looking to trace two men.

They think the men “traveled to the area so they’re canvassing all the hotels and online rentals.” Because collectors are willing to shell out serious money for real unicorn liquor offerings, there’s a huge market for counterfeits. Always check the seals and all the packaging and know your supplier. It’s easy to take an empty bottle and fill it with practically anything. Intact authentic looking seals are difficult to forge but not impossible.


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