Left Wing Radicals Receive HEAVY DOSE OF KARMA


How quickly the Biden-Harris regime turns on the very eco-leftist radicals that put them into power. It really was a bit of poetic justice on October 13th when over 155 far- left-wing radicals were arrested just outside the White House in what they called a “week-long action” attempting to pressure Biden into declaring a state of emergency and ending “all new fossil fuel projects”… in the middle of an inflation crisis with, spiraling energy costs… because that makes sense, right?

“With the power of a pen, President Biden could stop these pipeline projects,” Joye Braun of the Indigenous Environmental Network, one of the groups leading the week of action, said in a statement.

“He promised he would listen to us. He’s not listening,” Braun added. “We’re coming every day of this week to tell Biden: Stop this madness.”

Apparently, Braun has another thing coming because the only thing the Biden White House seems to hate more than conservative freedom-loving Americans is their own base holding them accountable for all the snake oil they sold to get into office.

The Radicals Actually Think He’s Going to Listen To Them

While the Biden-Harris regime is in fact working at a break-neck pace to topple the US Energy sector by installing “water warrior” Deb Haaland as Secretary of the Interior and even nearly managed to have an actual eco-terrorist Tracy Stone-Manning as Director of the Bureau of Land Management, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to allow the peasants to knock on the door of his palace. Even the vaunted Black Lives Matter has experienced the cold-shoulder of a Democrat-Socialist regime that while vociferously claiming to rule in their name, donning their mantle as saviors of all black Americans, won’t even give them the time of day.

Politico reported in May, “The Biden administration has neither granted them a meeting months after they requested one, nor have any names of activists been listed in White House visitor logs. (Those logs, it should be noted, just cover the first couple of weeks in office.) Their leaders are absent from police reform discussions on the Hill. And their legislative proposal, the BREATHE Act — which codifies the reallocation of funds from law enforcement to communities of color — has yet to catch on outside of a small circle of progressives in Congress, including Democrats Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib, who have backed it.”

When they were catapulted into office (by hook or by crook) it was done on delusional visions of The Green New Deal, and DefundThePolice among other Critical Race Theory and socialism-driven policies… none of which seem any closer one year into the regime.

Expect the protests and the arrests to continue… and get worse as the grassroots activists come to realize they were only a means to an end, useful idiots. Just as any other Socialist regime ever has, they cast aside those who are no longer useful in the end. Because in that end, all that matters to them: is power.


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