New Movement Forms from the Ashes of the Past [Details]


A new movement is rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of the past. In the days before anyone even imagined an internet, one German underground resistance group proved exactly how effective a single individual can be. The U.S. government anti- “White Rose” censorship and propaganda spin has started already. If you don’t have money or power, but can get your hands on a sticker printer, you can volunteer as a modern day “Hogan’s Hero.”

The modern resistance movement

The big wake up call for American patriots came last November with the “selection” of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. as the New World Order’s appointed governor of North Central America. The need for an American grass roots resistance movement has never been greater. It’s obvious that the media and social networks are totally controlled by globalist progressive socialists.

Conservative Americans were stunned by how furious the blowback was. Any questions at all about the “integrity” of that “election” or lack thereof were censored into oblivion or viciously attacked. It soon became crystal clear that liberal progressive Democrats are backed by unlimited resources. Democrats don’t control the money. The money controls the Democrats.

The way the “deplorable” Nationalist movement was subsequently squashed like a bug was relentless. When the whole bag of marbles was on the table in Congress on January 6, it appears the Deep State pulled a major psychological warfare operation.

Unproven allegations and circumstantial evidence suggests that the FBI directed radicals associated with the “QAnon” network into breaching the Capitol Building. The officials in charge don’t have any answers to questions about the lax security. It strongly appears that the barbarians were expected and virtually allowed in to do as they pleased. Indications are the powers that be are disappointed it turned out not to be a whole lot more violent than it was.

By January 20, the National Palace Guard outnumbered spectators at Biden’s coronation. The globalists are in full control. Since then, they threw the borders wide open and launched a campaign destined to deliver cradle-to-grave socialism. Without considering opposition opinions backed by hard science, the federal government has handed down lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates.

When folks start saying things like it seems more like population control than virus control, they’re told “shut up and take the shot.” No exceptions. If that doesn’t tell you it’s time for a resistance movement, what does? Not all Americans are embracing the Venezuela model as the best way to prevent global warming.



The liberal media is attacking the White Rose movement for daring to suggest people print stickers and slap them around where other people can see them. The progressives are focusing in on the anti-vax related stickers and trying to avoid mentioning all the other pertinent issues addressed in a whole zip file of offerings, tailored for your particular language.

The English ones are right here. Anarchists rioting in the streets have proven that the dusty and debunked document, formerly known as the Constitution, is no longer in force. If police dare to make an arrest, liberal prosecutors elected with unlimited global money, disbursed through George Soros, will have them on the street in time for the evening looting spree and be sure to drop all the charges. The only ones who actually get prosecuted are the ones who question the Democrat status quo.

Stickers can’t be censored by the Deep State like social media posts are. They are anonymous and ubiquitous. There was once an advertising place holder on public transit bus benches which said “If this sign doesn’t work, why are you reading it.” That’s the whole idea in a nutshell. The White Rose movement has lots of slogans to chose from and they make it simple for everyone. Another thing to know is that nobody wants you to lose your head over this like Hans and Sophie Scholl. They were founding members of the original White Rose. The group stresses not to break any rules or do anything violent.

“We provide these bumper sticker designs on the condition that you do not use them for any kind of illegal purposes, including (but not limited to) placement of stickers on private property. If you do decide to use them for illegal purposes, we are not liable or responsible in any way. By using our stickers, you agree to these conditions. If you do not agree, do not use our stickers!”

Despite the propaganda trying real hard to debunk White Rose out of existence, they aren’t a group of anti-vax nut jobs.

“WE ADVOCATE” they write on their web site, “Natural law, according to which all people — by virtue of being born — are endowed with inalienable ‘natural rights’, conferred not by act of legislation (as with ‘legal rights’) but by ‘God, nature, or reason.’ – Individual sovereignty/self-ownership – the natural right of every person to be the exclusive controller of one’s own body and life. – Bodily autonomy – the natural right of all human beings to self-determination over their own bodies. – Freedom of movement. – Freedom of assembly. – Freedom of speech. – The non-aggression principle, which asserts that no violence may be employed against a non-aggressor, in accordance with natural law. – Non-violent civil disobedience. – The Nuremberg Code.” Basically, they’re Libertarians, like Rand Paul.


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