Lawmaker Wants to Play God, Challenges President to Fulfill Prophecy

Lawmaker Wants to Play God, Challenges President to Fulfill Prophecy

A new political party called “The Noam Party” has been established in Israel, and its leaders are calling on the president to fulfill certain promises.

The Noam Party has announced that it will be supporting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form the next government, and has also released a list of demands.

“This Monday, we will recommend to the president, together with the Religious Zionist Party List, that the task of forming a government be entrusted to Benjamin Netanyahu,” The Noam Party said in a statement.

Reporting by Israel 365 News shows that The Noam Party only won one seat in the Knesset, but that one seat has a significant amount of influence due to the fact that no side won a clear majority.

“This Noam Party is known as a part of the Religious Zionist alliance that formed with Otzma Yehudit and Bezalel Smotrich’s National Union, which garnered a total of six seats, and the report states that this influence is essential if Netanyahu hopes to garner the 61 necessary seats for a majority coalition,” according to End Time Headlines.

The party is also demanding that the government make a decision obligating all state institutions to follow Israel‘s Basic Law: “Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People”.

“We will demand the establishment of a government center to detect and neutralize foreign influences on the State of Israel,” Noam Party chairman Avi Maoz announced in a statement, noting that the purpose of the government center, which would be called “Magen Ha’Am” (which translates to “shield of the nation”), would be to “prevent foreign anti-Israel elements from penetrating the public arena in the State of Israel and from affecting consciousness, changing values and harming national resilience”.

Moaz, who will reportedly be sworn in next week as a Knesset member, also stated that the party will recommend that President Rivlin entrust Prime Minister Netanyahu with the task of forming a government.

This news elicited excitement from many rabbis who claim that it may fulfill a “Bible Prophecy,” which they say can be found in passages from Numbers 23:9 and Ezekiel 44:9.

As I see them from the mountain tops, Gaze on them from the heights, There is a people that dwells apart, Not reckoned among the nations, Numbers 23:9

Thus said Hashem: Let no alien, uncircumcised in spirit and flesh, enter My Sanctuary—no alien whatsoever among the people of Yisrael. Ezekiel 44:9

The Bottom Line

The Noam Party is calling on Israel to prohibit anti-Israel elements from taking over the country, much like the United States should be preventing anti-American sentiments from taking over. The question is, is legislation the correct way to achieve this goal, or should the fight take place within the culture?


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