Joe Biden Trolled With Memes Since RAW Personal Info Posted Online


Ever since someone dumped Hunter’s iCloud backup on 4Chan, Joe Biden had his WhatsApp account trolled so hard with meems that he was knocked off the internet for a day. The raw personal information out in the wild can’t be swept under the rug any longer.

Biden family leak from hell

Tech blogger Motherboard was overwhelmed by all the attention the tech community is paying to this latest leak of Hunter Biden data. Contained in the nefarious laptop is a backup copy from an “iPhone From Hell.” At least that’s how the family sees it. Undeniably authentic images are making the rounds of every social media platform on the planet and it can’t be stopped.

The data wasn’t just posted to 4Chan, it was made available by bit-torrent and now there are enough copies floating around to make sure it won’t get “disappeared.

The dark web exploded after “a user claimed to have hacked into Hunter’s iCloud backup and then used a tool that allows users to recover files from Apple’s cloud backup site.” All the armature hackers have been slicing and dicing the Biden family secrets, file-by-file.

The backup “Iphone contains voice mails, videos, voice recordings, pictures etc of Joe,” the anonymous user wrote on 4chan. “In this ZIP are two folders, one for an ipad and the other for iphone backup.

Motherboard isn’t going out on a limb but “given these screenshots, it’s plausible that this 4Chan user or someone else figured out Hunter’s iCloud account and then hacked into it, perhaps by guessing the password.

Once they made it that far, “they could have used the iPhone Backup Extractor to explore the contents of Hunter’s iPhone and iPad and downloaded the data that they found interesting.” Hunter Biden isn’t happy to hear it was that easy.


Two years in limbo

The important thing about this latest development isn’t the details which are being divulged about the Biden family, it’s the idea that the data can’t be covered up any longer. The FBI has been sitting on the laptop for years.

Even the press has been publishing parts of the files as they surface for a couple of years now. It’s already been two years since the New York Post got a copy, which has since been fully authenticated.

Joe wiring thousands of dollars around the world to support Hunter’s hooker and cocaine habits were all documented for the world to see but “pop” remains in office.

The big question on everyone’s mind today is who the “Pedo Pete” character is and why he’s tagged on a message involving Joe Biden.

Motherboard is staying out of the politics but they emphasize the huge hole in security. “This apparent hack-and-leak shows that using iCloud backups can increase the attack surface for high-profile hacking targets.” The Biden regime should have taken much better precautions, they scold.

If you’re worried about subpoenas then iCloud is risky, but for everyone else I think a strong password and Apple’s [two step verification] is a strong solution,” Ryan Stortz, a cybersecurity researcher who has experience with iPhone security, informed Motherboard.


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