Dutch Farmers Liberate Fighter Jet in Protest


Dutch Farmers managed to liberate, not one, but two jets in their anti-New World Order protest. They’re forming an air force. First, outraged farm workers stormed a Dutch air force base and rolled back out with a fighter jet hitched to a tractor.

Starting a farmers air force

After snagging their high profile trophy, the farmers turned around and did exactly the same thing with “a private jet used primarily by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and other officials.” Why, they wondered does a government so concerned about greenhouse emissions need a private jet? That doesn’t seem fair at all.

Because of a total news embargo, most of the on the spot reporting comes from ordinary Dutch citizens and the farmers themselves. For instance one healthy young farm girl who promises they “don’t want war, but if we have to – we go. Civil war.

Coincidentally, a “Bill Gates Foundation supermarket in the Netherlands that focuses on new-age foods like plant protein meat has spontaneously caught fire in the middle of the night.” All by itself. Must have been the Frankenfood they’re growing.

Another up to the minute flash report notes that angry farmers parked their tractors at the Hague. “More demonstrators are expected today. At the same time, citizens who support the Dutch farmers’ protest block the highway. Several centers of distribution are also blocked, also roads, roundabouts and bridges.

The previous day, Dutch Farmers sent a clear message to Mark Rutte with a convoy of tractors. “We will not stop, we have the support of millions of people, there will be actions Holland has never seen before.

Fighting the ‘Great Reset’

As Epoch times so boldly underscores, “Dutch farmers are fighting the globalist Great Reset through their protests against aggressive new government climate policies.” They didn’t make that up. Dutch politician Thierry Baudet gets credit for that quote.

The real point here is the Great Reset, mass migration, [and] transnational governance. And that’s why the people have to become atomized—they have to lose their connection with the land. And that’s why they’re hitting the farmers.

There it is in a nutshell. “This is not just a Netherlands thing—this is an all of Europe thing as well.” That’s why the protests are spreading like a New Mexico wildfire.

The answer is the people governing this country are following the script written by the EU, to realize what they call a Great Reset. They want to make us more dependent on international supply chains. They want to weaken Dutch sovereignty and autonomy.” Farmers sit on some really valuable land and all they use it for is food production.

House of Representatives member Geert Wilders agrees with Baudet “that the government is trying to acquire farmland cheaply in order to build more housing for migrants.” The current leader, Mark Rutte, is a lot like Joe Biden. Rutte hates agricultural land owners.

Farmers, and in general people living on the land and off the land and with the land, they have a strong connection to the history they’re proud of. They’re often family companies that have been in that family for several generations. And so, these are not postmodern, post-historical, post-national people.” They’re fighting hard for survival. Maybe someday the news will start reporting it.


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