Ivy League Firebombers Plead Guilty, Face 10 Years for Being Terrorists


A couple of radical Left-wing activists took a federal plea deal where the terrorists admit one count “relating to the firebombing of a police vehicle.” Their Ivy League educations won’t keep them out of the pokey but their progressive connections might.

Terrorists looking at prison

Making and distributing Molotov cocktails is frowned on, even in uber-liberal New York City. Two terrorists appeared in a Brooklyn federal court Wednesday morning, October 20, defending themselves because they’re also attorneys.

Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman pleaded guilty to one count each “of possessing or making a destructive device.” During the George Floyd insurrection, their firebombs were used to torch a police car.

Any other terrorists facing a similar charge would expect “as much as 10 years in prison under a terrorism sentencing enhancement.”

Mattis and Rahman are expected to skate away clean. With, at most, a token slap on the wrist. They’re more terrified of losing their bar tickets than they are of going to prison.

The amount of time these terrorists spend behind bars will be entirely up to U.S. District Judge Brian Cogan and FreeBeacon is already expecting the prison term to “run much shorter than 10 years” when they face him next in February 2022.

Liberal elites have been lobbying the court for leniency by “broadly” accusing “Trump appointees at the Justice Department of railroading the defendants to underscore their tough on crime agenda in the midst of nationwide unrest following Floyd’s death.”

A friendlier course

Firebombing a cop car isn’t a big deal because it was a protest against police brutality. The newly appointed Minister of Justice Merrick Garland is expected to “chart a friendlier course.”

Only Donald Trump supporters can be designated as terrorists from now on. It’s no surprise that “an intelligence official in the Obama administration, Salmah Rizvi, guaranteed Rahman’s bail.”

Rachel Barkow, described as “a former member of the U.S. Sentencing Commission and a major figure in criminal justice reform circles,” has been camping out in the lobby of the new Biden-appointed U.S. attorney in Brooklyn.

Barkow is doing her best to hobble the prosecution to prevent Democrat domestic terrorists from facing any consequences. If Judge Cogan had his way, he would have liked to let them walk away scot-free.

The lobbying efforts didn’t stop prosecutors from introducing messages into evidence which “underscored” the terrorists planned their dastardly deeds ahead of time. Cogan was furious at prosecutors for even mentioning it, “saying their intervention was not relevant.” That would make it conspiracy and the judge would have to penalize that.

The judge seems sympathetic to defense arguments that “destruction of a police vehicle is a crime typically handled by local authorities, not the Department of Justice.” If convicted, they can kiss their legal careers goodbye. “New York state automatically disbars any attorney convicted of a felony charge. Though Mattis and Rahman could apply to practice in other states, they will have a harder time obtaining a license because of a prior disbarment.”


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