Cant Make This Up: BLM Protests Black Republican


In the truth is stranger than fiction category things don’t get any more bizarre than BLM protesting a Black politician. Black Lives Matterâ„¢ associated liberals are ready to tie James Craig to a pole, pile firewood around it and toss him a Molotov cocktail. All for the candidate’s crime of enforcing law and order.

BLM is outraged

A whole herd of “Black Lives Matter and anti-police protesters” disrupted former Detroit Police Chief James Craig “as he attempted to announce his candidacy for governor of Michigan.”

It happened on Tuesday, September 14, in Belle Isle. BLM irregulars shouted him down and drowned him out.

A reported crowd of at least 50 BLM soldiers chanted “Black Lives Matter. No justice, no peace, James Craig is still police,” at the top of their lungs.

Craig had to talk over the “heckling jeers as they swarmed the podium.” They really hate the idea of a Black man registering Republican and running for governor. The fact he was Detroit’s top cop makes them go crazy.

None of the police were able to help maintain order at his planned event. After about 20 minutes of delay due to the BLM anarchy, the frustrated candidate managed to shout out “I’ve got one thing to say: I’m running for governor!”

His own security team stuffed him “into a black SUV as protesters pressed in around him and his team.”

Try this again

The initial plan was to clear the area and return again, a spokesperson informed, as “protesters shouted vulgar jeers and gave him the middle finger.”

They reconsidered the strategy and opted for a more defensible location on the “rooftop of the former UAW GM Center for Human Resources building.” Free at last from the BLM rabble in the streets, “Craig delivered his speech against the backdrop of the Detroit skyline.”

“This is what contingency planning looks like,” Craig joked as he took the podium. Craig was “disappointed that the demonstrators lacked respect for his First Amendment right to speak.”

BLM had their turn, all he asked was his. “They wanted to disrupt the speech, and they did that.” The hecklers, he said, were a “small group of paid protesters” who never should have been allowed to disrupt his event.”

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources dropped the ball, Craig accused, “for failing to provide security for his campaign event.” They knew BLM would make trouble. “The DNR knew about the potential for protests yesterday, I’m told.” His former associates “indicated they were going to come and move the protesters back.” They lied.

“That never happened. So it makes me wonder if it was by design.” They had “no respect for my safety or the safety of my team. They would not show up knowing that this group had the potential to become violent.”


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