Veteran Newscaster Says She Was Fired After Jab Mandate, Posts Jaw-Dropping Rules She Was Required to Follow


Jumping through bureaucratic hoops is one thing. The ones KMOV-TV set up for veteran newscaster Kim St. Onge to jump through, to avoid a vaccine shot, weren’t just flaming. They were placed six feet up in the air besides. Tyrannical mandates handed down by the palace “have become commonplace during the Biden administration.”

Newscaster breaks own story

Kim St. Onge has been on the air in St. Louis, Missouri as a newscaster long enough to be called a “veteran” at KMOV-TV. Thanks to the Imperial Palace Decree handed down by His Wisdom Joe Biden, anyone who doesn’t drink the Covid shot Kool-Aid gets “lambasted for their own private medical decisions.”

It wasn’t good enough for St. Onge to say she had a religious objection to the mandatory but barely-tested vaccine. She had to show a note from her pastor. Jumping through that hoop wasn’t good enough. They gave her a whole series of challenges turning her on-screen career into a Democrat dog and pony show.

The parent company Meredith Corporation told the rebellious newscaster that “she must follow three invasive policies if she wanted to keep her job.” First she had to jump through the mask hoop and “wear an N95 mask at all times” without fail on pain of termination.

The next two hoops in a row are invasive “COVID-19 testing twice a week.” These are on fire, requiring “a time-stamped picture to prove she had tested negative” to obtain the next level. After clearing those, she must drop to the spring board and flip through the last one.

Because she’s treated like a leper, and shunned from fully-vaccinated society, the naughty newscaster was ostracized into attending “any on-site meetings virtually while sitting in a different room on the premises.”

That, St. Onge insists, is going too far. She told reporters that “final illogical requirement pushed her over the edge.”

Not about health

“#3 is where I really drew the line and proves this is not just about health,” the newscaster wrote in a statement. “So, I’m testing TWICE weekly and wearing an N95 mask, but can’t sit in the same room as my vaccinated colleagues who we now know can not only get Covid, but still pass it to others?”

If the vaccine really worked, those who had it wouldn’t be afraid of someone who didn’t. Nobody considers that catching covid is even more effective against re-infection than the vaccine is against first time infection.

St. Onge relates that she “told her union representative she would not submit to these restrictions.” The newscaster was instantly fired. Then they tried to bribe her to keep quiet.

She was brave enough to turn down “a non-disclosure agreement worth several thousand dollars” because “she felt her story was important to tell.” She knows that liberals will be “personally offended” by her choice and “staunchly disagree” with her decision, but tough.

The disobedient newscaster is shouting from the rooftops that “this is too big to stay quiet. Our freedoms are being stripped away. Freedoms our parents, grandparents, and so many others fought for.” She has her “faith in the Lord” to keep her going.

“I have Scripture that I would repeat in my head when I was feeling discouraged. “‘Be strong and courageous. Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you where you go,'” When “it’s all said and done, I only answer to God. Our Savior already went through all this and he’s got it.”


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