Image Surfaces Implicating Royal Family and Hollywood Elite


Yet another scandalous image has surfaced, apparently linking Prince Andrew to Jeffrey Epstein in a really twisted way. The British royal family is not happy. It appears that Andrew has a fetish for his mom’s throne and likes to let girls sit there before he seduces them. The fresh photo shows he had a pair queens to play with in this game.

Image of perverts frolicking in the palace

Prince Andrew swears up and down he had nothing to do with underage girls like Virginia Giuffre but refuses to testify to the FBI about it under oath, despite a promise to do so. Now that a fresh image has surfaced, he’s going to have to have a rather embarrassing conversation with his mom. It appears he has an unusual fetish.

The image appears to depict Ghislaine Maxwell enjoying the sensation of sitting on the Queen’s throne in Buckingham Palace. Next to her, Kevin Spacey couldn’t quite figure out if he should be a King or a Queen, but that’s okay because they call it simply the “consort’s” throne. There’s a good chance Andrew took the snapshot. He liked to frolic in the throne room.

Back in March, reports surfaced that Prince Andrew “made a habit of seating his potential conquests on his mother’s throne — her literal seat of power — as part of an effort to woo them.” One palace insider leaked, “He does that to everyone he is trying to pull.”

U.K. supermodel Caprice Bourret confirmed that randy Andy “took her to Buckingham Palace twice, and on one occasion she sat on the queen’s throne.” There may be more than one image. We may find out if Ghislaine goes to trial.

Infamous Hollywood Pervert

According to reports in the British press about the image of Ghislaine Maxwell and infamous Hollywood pervert Kevin Spacey, “the pair had been invited into the throne room by Prince Andrew.” Spacey’s career collapsed like a house of cards “following several allegations of sexual assault and harassment,” even though the charges were eventually dropped.

Buckingham Palace officials “declined to comment on the photograph” Nobody is trying to claim the image is doctored though. It’s been clearly confirmed that Andrew was a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein.

CNN actually keeps a “royal correspondent” on the payroll. Max Foster explains that the throne represents a symbol of the Queen’s authority, and “no one else has the right to sit in it. That would be seen as a sign of disrespect towards Queen and country.” The image is seen as an insult but it’s not as bad as sitting on the “senior throne” at St. James. Nobody but the monarch has ever sat in Westminster Abbey’s “Coronation Chair.”

Now that Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested, everyone is wondering if she’ll throw Andrew under the bus to save herself. An image of her on the Queen’s throne is embarrassing but Ghislaine is rumored to have a much juicier collection stashed away.

A friend of Maxwell’s, investment banker Laura Goldman says Ghislaine won’t rat out the prince. “She has always told me she would never, ever say anything about him. I think she felt he was her friend and she was never going to say anything about him.”


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