Deep State Orders Epstein Evidence Destroyed


When a Deep State defendant has blackmail on half of the world’s movers and shakers, and virtually unlimited resources at her disposal, amazing things can happen to the evidence against her. Ghislaine Maxwell has really good lawyers. They demonstrated their world class litigation skills by setting up the timing of a decision in one case to match up perfectly with the expected arrest of their client. The day before authorities arrested Maxwell without incident at the hideout where she was “tucked away” in New Hampshire, a federal judge in a separate case ordered “all the materials in the files ‘shall be destroyed.'” She demands proof it was done too. Maxwell isn’t just Teflon, she’s not even there. Soon, the proof of her crimes won’t be there either. Now that’s really spooky.

Now you see the evidence, now you don’t

Ghislaine Maxwell just pulled a Deep State rabbit out of a very spooky hat. The day before she got arrested, a huge chunk of the evidence against her was ordered destroyed. Senior U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska spelled it out. The fresh team of lawyers representing Virginia Giuffre weren’t supposed to have the files in the first place.

In Wednesday’s ruling related to a defamation case filed by accused pedophile Alan Dershowitz against Ms. Giuffre, Judge Preska wrote, because “Giuffre’s lawyers had come into possession of the evidence documents improperly,”all the materials in the files “shall be destroyed.” Not only that, “Counsel shall submit an affidavit detailing the steps taken to do so.” How convenient for Ms. Maxwell.

Dershowitz got skunked too. He was hoping that there would be something in the files he could use for evidence to disprove the allegations that he had sex with minors in Jeffery Epstein’s pedophile island paradise. Judge Preska couldn’t help commenting in her ruling that even if he did have a legitimate need for some of the material, which didn’t matter one bit to her, he was a little overzealous in his approach. Dershowitz’s desire to see all of the files “with over a thousand docket entries” was not a “targeted strike” but a “carpet bombing.”

The Maxwell Protective Order

The heart of the dispute is a document called “The Maxwell Protective Order.” It was appropriately named. Signed into effect March 17, 2016, by Judge Robert Sweet, it is meant to “protect the discovery and dissemination of confidential information or information that will improperly annoy, embarrass, or oppress any party, witness, or person providing discovery” in one particular case. The case of Giuffre v. Maxwell. It is virtually all of the evidence gathered from the beginning.

Not only did the protective order severely limit who was allowed access to the evidence material, it expired the day Ms. Giuffre accepted her symbolic 30 pieces of silver from Ms. Maxwell by signing a settlement agreement. That has Maxwell’s lawyers grinning the evil grin only attorney’s in their same lofty tax bracket seem to be able to manage.

Maxwell’s lawyers were well aware that the evidence could only be “disclosed to specific enumerated groups, including “attorneys actively working on this case.” Since the Maxwell case was settled, nobody can still be “actively working on” it. As Judge Preska writes, “The Maxwell Protective Order further provides that, upon the conclusion of the Maxwell litigation, all materials (or copies of materials) designated CONFIDENTIAL shall be returned to the party that designated them CONFIDENTIAL or, alternatively, destroyed.

Ghislaine’s father was a publishing tycoon and alleged triple agent revered by the Mossad.

The judge took the guesswork out of it and clearly ordered the evidence destroyed, specifically so Dershowitz couldn’t get a peek at anything. The judge notes, “the Court does not believe that Mr. Dershowitz would do anything so brazen as purposely to publicize the Maxwell sealed materials, the fact that he is defending his reputation might incent him, naturally, to be more cavalier with the sealed materials where they are helpful to him.” Appeals are sure to follow.


  1. I would be looking into the “activities” of Judge Sweet. He very likely would be one of the criminal defendants if the truth came out making him lose his job and going to prison for quite some time.

  2. One has to wonder if Judge Preska has some “skin in the game”….OR maybe she has some friends that would be embarrassed if the whole truth comes out….WHAT say ye Judge Preska?

  3. A typical ploy by the Dems and the Deep State. Destroy the evidence to protect the guilty. Slick Willy and Hillary are involved in this coverup as they have buried people and evidence to their many wrongdoings for over 40 years. Enough already.

  4. WHO TF is this “JUDGE” to order such “BULLSHIT” destroying evidence in a Federal Case?????
    “””””FUCK HER””””” …………. too!!!!!!!!!!! She might find herself floating down a river – face down, caused by some “Righteous People!!!!”


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