Husband Disappears for 11hrs While Disposing of Wife’s Dead Body


The killer had to bring his 4-year-old along on the body disposal run. When the spell casters didn’t come through after several tries, Larry Millete ditched the voodoo and took a more direct approach. He may believe in superstition but he’s educated enough to realize it’s best to leave your cell phone at home while you’re out digging a shallow grave to bury your wife. A babysitter would have been a good idea too.

Body hasn’t been recovered

The body of 39-year-old Maya “May” Millete hasn’t been recovered but after 10 months of looking, “clear and overwhelming” evidence resulted in the arrest of her husband, Larry Millete.

The California resident was cuffed on Tuesday and charged with murder. As noted by Chula Vista Police Chief Roxana Kennedy at a press conference, the “evidence is clear and overwhelming. Larry Millete is responsible for May’s murder and disappearance.”

Maya hasn’t been seen alive since January 7, 2021, “shortly before she and her husband were about to take their daughters, aged 4, 9, and 11, on a trip to the mountains.” Two days later, her family reported her missing. The “family began to worry after May’s phone was going directly to voicemail and texts to arrange plans were left unanswered.”

Detectives are convinced that Larry killed his wife the day she disappeared. Her body hasn’t been recovered and all efforts are now directed toward that task. The victim served as a defense contractor at the San Diego Naval Base. They planned a family trip “to Big Bear to celebrate her daughter’s 11th birthday.”

While teams are out searching, Larry sits behind bars, charged with murder and an added count of “illegal possession of an assault weapon.” No bail has been set and his arraignment is scheduled for Thursday. Maya’s sister, Maricris Drouaillet, tearfully “pleaded with the public to come forward with any information.”

As she told reporters, “we made a promise to her 11-year-old daughter that we will bring her mom home. Let the kids know where their mommy is at.” The four year old may have the best clues to where the body is buried.

The voodoo didn’t work

Maya just happened to have made an appointment with a divorce lawyer the day she vanished. Larry knew all about the appointment set for the following week. Chula Vista police say that was the last call she ever made.

“He sent text messages to his boss that this was final, that it was coming,” San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan confirms. Larry had already consulted some experts of his own. Before he killed her and disposed of the body, he tried to hex her into submission.

Larry Millete “allegedly sent daily messages to so-called ‘spellcasters’ to bewitch May and bring harm to her and a man he believed had ruined their marriage.” Talking to her about it was obviously out of the question. “These spellcasters were asked to make May want to stay in the relationship.”

“He was asking for May to become incapacitated, to be in an accident, to have broken bones so she would have to stay at home.” Obviously he worshiped her body enough to want it well taken care of. No wonder she wanted a divorce. The last night of her life, Larry allegedly texted “I think she wants me to snap, and I’m shaking inside ready to snap.” He snapped.

Despite a “previous court order” Larry hung on to his .40 caliber rifle. “Security cameras in neighboring houses detected nine loud bangs the night May’s phone ceased its activity.” The next day, “Larry pulled his black Lexus into his garage and out of view of any security camera, left his phone in the house, and drove roughly two-and-a-half hours away, disappearing for 11 hours in all with his 4-year-old daughter.”

Authorities are convinced he “spent that time disposing of May’s body.” His story doesn’t add up. He first claimed to be at work, then that changed to he took the child to the beach. The only problem is he pointed out the wrong one on the map. For now, the children “are safe” with relatives.


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