Hunter Had Money For Hookers and Blow But Not For Taxes


In the fall of 2018, Hunter Biden still hadn’t filed his 2017 taxes. The princeling had no problem getting his dad to wire him thousands for Russian hookers, and he had enough cocaine to end up floating face down in a hot tub. Tax forms just weren’t as high a priority for him as they were for his accountant.

Taxes late and unfiled

In the treasure trove of emails slithering out of Hunter Biden’s lewd laptop were, as CNN reports, “a quick succession of emails from his accountant: They were all about his taxes.” With a testy note in his messages, Bill Morgan pointed out “they are late.” Biden let the extended deadline of October 15 go whooshing past. Another two weeks went by.

Your 2017 tax returns are still unfiled. You need to get 2017 filed so we can try to work out a payment schedule.” Didn’t Hunter realize the IRS takes these things much more seriously than FBI and Secret Service agents do? Maybe you can play games with the guys in shades but the IRS will bleed you dry for fun.

Morgan wasn’t happy with Hunter in another email about an “IRS notice from 2015” that Biden’s staff just dropped in his lap. “They want $158,000. IRS has notified the State Department and they will not renew your passport until this is resolved.” If you want to see your favorite Russian hooker again soon, you better get your taxes straightened out, he advised. These are only a couple examples of the things federal investigators are allegedly digging into.

Hunter was paid $50,000 a month for serving on Burisma’s board from 2014 to 2019 but somehow managed to keep bouncing checks. “Insufficient funds,” read one automated Wells Fargo email in December 2018 that stated “one of his accounts lacked $1,700 for a payment on a Porsche. Other bank alerts that year warned that Biden’s checking account had a ‘low balance‘ and that one of his credit cards had risen above its ‘pre-set amount‘ of $65,000.

The Department is at a critical juncture, insiders say. They have to either press some criminal charges against Hunter Biden or admit that they’re just going to ignore any of his wrongdoing and look the other way. Republicans can’t wait to see charges. They’re swirling around like sharks that smell fresh blood. Even a watered down indictment over his taxes would give them ammunition for impeachment of His Imperial Wisdom Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., at the earliest opportunity. Hunter even Grinched his assistant at Christmas.

I am trying to figure out what to do about bills,” she tapped out December 28, 2018, with a list of overdue accounts “including health insurance, a car payment and her salary.” She was to “pay the health care. Pay the Porsche.” As for her salary, “pay herself half.” That’s because “someone else was still getting a cut of what he said he was personally owed by Burisma. ‘So there’s not much income coming through these days.’


A family influence peddling scheme

To the Bidens, money is something which flows around the family like water. Hunter pays for Joe’s house bills, Joe pays for Hunter’s hookers and nobody pays the taxes. All Joe cared about was getting his cut. Reportedly a big one ’cause after all, he is the Big Guy. All along, Hunter “has denied any wrongdoing and has said he has cooperated with investigators.

They told him shut up until it’s fixed and goes away. CNN is sure to point out that “sources who have been briefed on the matter” assure them that “his father is not implicated in the ongoing federal investigation.” Charles Grassley is going to hear that statement and debunk it with a Senate investigation of his own.

CNN refused to accept the other outlets’ word for it that the laptop files are authentic so they hired their own expert. The emails about the taxes are authentic.

Jake Williams, a former National Security Agency operative, who analyzed the emails for CNN, said he was able to authenticate a subset of the emails because they contained verified signatures within their metadata that showed they had not been modified. Only emails he authenticated are cited in this report.” He didn’t bother to check the ones they really did not want to write about.

They were shocked to learn that “Biden struggled with tax issues for years and that his accountant at times seemed at a loss to keep track of the flow of Biden’s money.” The Senate really wants to see all those “suspicious activity reports” that the Treasury department won’t turn over.

In one email, his accountant raised a question about a $550,000 receipt, asking whether it should be recorded as a loan or income from Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company on whose board Biden served. No response from Biden is shown on that email chain.” Neither, it was a bribe.


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