HUGE Dominion Whistleblower Update

HUGE Dominion Whistleblower Update

A Dominion whistleblower gave a detailed testimony describing outright lies and misleading statements made to legislators by Dominion Voting Systems CEO John Poulos during his testimony in the recent Michigan Senate hearing.

Melissa Carone, a Dominion contractor during the election, became a whistleblower after coming forward to say that she witnessed irregularities at the TCF Center in Detroit on Election Day.

Refuting the Lies

Carone is now debunking lies and misleading information in the Dominion CEO’s testimony before the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee on December 15.

Poulos said during his testimony, which lasted for several hours, that there were only three workers at the TCF Center on Election Night: two employees and a contractor. According to Carone, there were actually five total workers.

The Dominion CEO told legislators that vote tabulators are placed on top of a ballot box which is sealed during ballot counting. Carone mentioned that, while that may be the case at other voting centers, the ballot boxes at the TCF Center were not attached to the machines.

In his testimony, Poulos claimed that Dominion works with all political parties, using a “nonpartisan approach.” Carone disagrees, stating that her manager at the TCF Center (a co-owner of the company), referred to anyone at the center with American flags on their clothes or masks as Trump supporters. She also said that he manager made numerous derogatory remarks about Republicans and Trump supporters throughout the night.

“If one of their owners is making comments like that and statements like that to a worker, then obviously they’re not bipartisan,” the Dominion whistleblower told NTD.

Poulos also claimed that Dominion machines are unable to connect to the internet. Carone directly disputed this, citing a recording she made during a training which reveals that every tabulator in the TCF Center had a modem and was connected to the internet.

“What they would do is they would go off the Internet and then reconnect, go off and reconnect,” she said.

“There were numerous inconsistencies with his story,” Carone said.

The Dominion whistleblower was also concerned that some legislators were struggling to follow some of Poulos’ testimony, and accused him of speaking “in a way that a lot of people wouldn’t understand.”

“They didn’t even really understand what he was saying. And he did this in order to remain credible to the public, or try to remain credible,” she added.

Linda Lee Tarver, former election integrity liaison in the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office and current president of the Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan, confirmed Carone’s concerns, stating that the Dominion CEO’s testimony left more questions unanswered than it clarified.

“My overall impression of the hearing is that the CEO of Dominion had to come and defend his product. They have many states, billions of dollars invested. And yet, the reality is that we did not learn much more than the accusation of human error, when there is evidence that it is Dominion error,” she said.

A spokesperson for Dominion responded to a list of Carone’s allegations, writing that “Dominion stands behind Mr. Poulos’s testimony under oath before the Michigan State Senate, and we welcome those who differ to take the same steps to ensure truth, trust, and accountability in their own public statements.”


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