Arizona Governor’s HUGE 2020 Election Announcement


Arizona Governor Doug Ducey just made a huge announcement about the 2020 election. It’s not over. “There are legal claims that are being challenged in court.” You can say that again! From what the president’s legal team announced today, Trump won in a landslide.

Arizona election still not over

The allegedly Republican governor mismanaging the state of Arizona, double crossing Doug Ducey, is terrified that he’s going to lose his job to a real conservative in the next election cycle so he’s scrambling to jump back on the Trump Train. Early on election night, the state was originally called in favor of Joe Biden, then, after all the votes were actually counted, Trump nearly broke even. Now, the software used in the voting machines was reportedly padding the results. Team Trump found out that the software automatically trimmed Trump votes and added them to the Biden count per a carefully crafted algorithm. Not just in Arizona, but everywhere.

RINO Governor Ducey went in front of the press to explain that the election remains totally up in the air. Once the legal challenges are finally decided, “I will accept the results of the election,” he claims. “We can trust our elections here in Arizona,” Ducey lied. Immediately admitting the opposite, “There are questions and those questions should be answered.”

Ducey hasn’t actually gone out on a limb to congratulate Joe Biden as the winner, as much as he would love to. He watched what happened to the RINO he appointed to the Senate. His fellow Republican in Name Only, Martha McSally, landed with a thud after her ejector seat kicked her out a long way up. Her political career came crashing down without a chute and cratered into the Arizona desert.

Serious evidence of election fraud

Under Arizona law, the individual counties have until November 23 to certify the election results. They send in their official tallies to the Secretary of State who has 10 days to validate the official results statewide. Normally, that is. Now that widespread and serious evidence of election fraud involving the machines and software used to count the ballots, there may not be a certification by the deadlines.

Biden can no longer go around calling himself the president elect. Every indication points to a Trump landslide. That’s how they caught the software rigging. President Trump had so many supporters that the program produced impossible results. By automatically generating extra illegal Biden votes for every legitimate Trump vote, some districts ended up reporting three and a half times the number of votes than registered voters. Arizona is one of the states most affected but it seems the scam was run everywhere at the same time. Details are still developing.

The Arizona branch of the GOP scrambled last week to halt the certification process until the fraud can be investigated. We need to “make sure that all questions are answered so that voters will have confidence in the results of the election,” party spokesman Zach Henry relates. They also “filed a lawsuit to request a hand-count in Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix.”


  1. Thank you, Arizona. We really need to get to the bottom of these algorithms and the frauding of the votes of the American people. We need to catch the offenders and they must be fully punished. Of course, President won the election by a landslide!! No surprise there!! BUT I am very, very disappointed int he corrupt DEMs. Liars, cheaters, and stealers!!! They certainly know how to wreck a nation!!!

  2. Every conservative has, or should by now, have a source for information with no ties whatsoever with the communist press. My wife and I are 75 now and have seen some stinkers in the past and have always known since electronics were introduced to our elections, that fraud was possible and sometimes prevalent, knowing that once computers were used, manipulation by programmers was inevitable…it’s just a fact of life. Trump knew all this stuff back in 2012 and is allowing the enemy enough rope with which to be hanged. The liars and cheats are being outed and we’ll wind up with American owned and closed voting systems, with voter I.D.’s, probably with a receipt for and how you voted, so a “balls on accurate” recount may take place. Yes, we’re going to be shocked at what’s taken place, but sit back, relax and watch this play out.

  3. All they have is to get ONE of those machines that hasn’t been tampered after the election. Mass test ballots HAND CODED, by a certified bipartisan elector team, in a recorded specified detailed pattern should be able to generate errors in patterns when run through the machine. The amount of ballots should be high enough to match typical area that the machine was being run and/or five quantities: maximum, middle, low, average, and median quantity ballot amounts. There should be 0% ERRORS with ANY of the test ballot pattern.

  4. Biden acknowledge the fore coming VOTER FRAUD with his statement on Oct, 24, 2020 …

    “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
    – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020


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