Gunman Stoned to Death


Things went absolutely medieval in Fort Worth, Texas, when local residents stoned a gunman to death with bricks, at the end of a brutal and deadly gun battle. It was all over long before the defunded police made it to the scene. They helped treat the victims as best they could until ambulance crews arrived.

Stoned to death

When you go to a party it’s reasonable to expect to get stoned but not like this. Nothing at this particular party went the way it was supposed to.

In Joe Biden’s New World Order way of doing things, we’re back to do-it-yourself vigilante justice. The defenders started grabbing handy bricks. The “alleged” suspect has been swiftly tried, found guilty, and executed.

This vigilante court moved so swift that the sentencing was over as soon as the lead stopped flying. The unidentified gunman got so stoned he won’t be wasting taxpayer money any more.

His victims can pick up the pieces and recover. Gabino Arizola tweeted out exactly what’s on everyone’s mind “Justice was Served! More people need to step up! Protect yourself and your family against all who comes against you! They want to open up Texas to the way of the Gun. So be it! Wild Wild West Baby!”

Things like this only happen because there isn’t any respect for rules or laws in the first place. About 1:00 a.m. on Monday, July 26, everyone was sitting around relaxing and getting stoned in the backyard of a Fort Worth home until “an attendee became angry and left,” the police department explains.

Identified only as “a man,” he “returned with a second person and got into an argument with other partygoers.” Eventually, the “man opened fire, striking one person and causing a non-life-threatening injury.” That wasn’t the end of it.

Hey, get back here!

The police described the battle that followed. “When people at the party began chasing him, he opened fire and they threw landscaping bricks at him.” Two of the vigilantes “were struck by gunfire, one of them fatally.”

The other “was taken to a hospital with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound.” Things didn’t go so well for the maniac who cut loose and opened fire. He really got stoned. “The gunman was struck multiple times with at least one brick and pronounced dead at the scene.”

Another local outlet adds that after the initial shooting, “the crowd reportedly chased down the suspect and began throwing gardening stones and landscaping bricks, fatally injuring the suspect.” That was confirmed by the Fort Worth Police Department. They made sure to point out that the crowd was in the right. The crowd, they note, “defended themselves with gardening stones, killing the gunman.”

If the folks in Chicago got that message the drive-by shootings would stop in a heartbeat. In Minneapolis they can put signs up in the store windows saying “looters will be stoned.” That should do the trick after the technique gets applied a few times.

For now, it does not look like any charges will be pressed against those who stoned the gunman to death. The way the police see it, it’s over and done with. They don’t have any money to investigate anyone anyway.

“An altercation occurred during a party at this location resulting in two subjects deceased, one victim in critical condition, and two victims’ injuries were non-life-threatening.” The spokesperson noted for the record that “Homicide detectives were notified” but you could tell from his tone of voice that he doubts if they will put down their donuts to go harassing anyone over it.


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