Fuel Crisis Reaches Flash Point, Gas Station Brawl Erupts [Video]


The brawl which broke out at this North Carolina gas station was not only caught on video, it proves that the fuel “crisis” has reached a flash point. All those paranoid people who are lining up for gas before it’s gone are starting to get violent. Whatever you do, don’t try to cut in line.

Fighting for fuel

Up and down the East Coast, people afraid of a gas shortage are causing a gas shortage. In the wake of last week’s Colonial Pipeline hack attack, several states are facing “major gasoline shortages and long lines at the pump.”

The ransom has been paid and the fuel is already flowing again. There wouldn’t have been any shortage if it wasn’t for all the needless “panic buying.”

Things got a little out of hand at the Marathon gas station on US 64 in Knightdale, North Carolina, on Tuesday. A woman tried to cut in to the fuel line and it turned into a brawl.

Police were called for a reported crash and disturbance but by the time they got there most of it was over. The town issued a statement that it was “related to two people fighting over spots in the line.” A cellphone was the only casualty.

Video posted all over social media shows “two cars bumped up against each other” as lines stretched back behind the fuel pumps. It also shows “a woman apparently spit at a man in a car.”

It didn’t take long before he got out and returned the favor by spitting back at the woman. Thats when the scuffle started. It didn’t last long but the police took it very seriously.

Charged with assault

The female was identified as 25-year-old Alexus Orianna Harris. She was charged with simple assault. Her opponent, Matthew James-stark Artero, 47, was charged with simple assault and damage to property regarding the death of the cellphone.

Both of the aggressors were “cited and released with a pending court date.” Fuel line riots aren’t classified as “peaceful protest” so looting is discouraged. Burning is out of the question.

One witness, Rashaad X, was waiting in the line to fuel his ride when firsthand, “he saw a fight break out between a man and woman at one of the pumps.” It was around 2 p.m., he recalled, “when a woman in a white sedan tried to join the long line.”

We’ll, he clarified, she “ran her car into a gray Honda at one of the pumps.” The best defense in those situations can sometimes be a good offense so Ms. Harris got offensive. “After crashing into the man’s car, the woman got out and spit on the man while yelling.”

According to Rashaad, that’s when the “man then got out of the car and spit on the woman.” The fuel fight was on. One of the outlets notes that Artero “appears to have thrown the woman’s cell into the street during the altercation before his shirt was ripped.”

That’ll teach her to ram his car. If everyone simply stays calm and tries to carpool till the tanks get replenished, this will all be over and back to normal in no time. Democrats seem to have a problem with that and keep trying to hoard gas, adding to the problem. The Metro DC area is needlessly in chaos.


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