France Fearing Another Revolution


France is really edgy about their upcoming Bastille Day weekend. Especially after the way unruly immigrants set several French cities ablaze and looted everything they could get their hands on. One of the most effective weapons used against police were fireworks, deployed in massive quantities until the rioters were able to steal more traditional weapons. Until further notice, French officials have “banned the sale, possession and transport of fireworks.

France ready for revolution

France is getting ready for the celebration of the French Revolution with real revolution this year. They have an Independence Day of their own which they honor on July 14, called “Bastille Day.” In 1789 on that date, enraged peasants armed with pitchforks and torches stormed the prison fortress where all the political prisoners were held. They also raided the weapons stores.

Emmanuel Macron isn’t anxious for an accurate re-creation of that historic event to blaze through Paris. Particularly when they just got the mess from that cleaned up after recent riots in several cities.

After a 17-year-old teenager was killed by a police officer in late June, while fleeing a traffic stop, “protesters have been filmed launching fireworks during the wave of violent riots that gripped the country.

That’s why officials announced “in order to prevent the risk of serious public disorder during the July 14th festivities, the sale, carrying, transport and use of pyrotechnic articles and fireworks are prohibited throughout France.” The ban ends July 16 and won’t affect any of the officially endorsed displays.

That’s a big deal to the populace because they take their Bastille Day fireworks seriously. France has both a president and a prime minister. Their P.M., Elisabeth Borne, promises “massive measures to protect French people,” with a focus on July 13-14 which she described as “sensitive days.” The American media hasn’t been covering the recent unrest there because U.S. officials are afraid American patriots might get ideas.

Our Independence Day weekend didn’t have riots but did have a few mass shootings, mostly done by punks in Democrat run cities and one by an unstable man, pictured in a dress, who everyone claims isn’t transgender. Patriots are standing back and standing by until a proper time, only if the proper constitutional circumstances should arise.

Fine the parents

Another thing that Borne promises the citizens of France, the “government is considering fining the parents of minors involved in rioting.

French President Emmanuel Macron suggested “a sort of minimum tariff from the first stupid act” slapped on the parents of minors who cause mayhem and destruction. They’ll make a new law if they need to.

Prime Minister Borne told Le Parisien that “the government is looking into the measure” and is ready to “evolve the law” if that’s what it takes. France isn’t going to stand for wanton destruction.

Today, when an adult commits an act of this nature, we can have recourse through a fixed fine. It’s fast and efficient. This is not possible for minors. We are thus going to construct a provision that permits this.

The police shooting was the trigger which set off a week of nationwide riots, which spread to similar communities of migrants across Europe. If that hadn’t happened, something else would have.

The looting and mayhem proved that it wasn’t about social justice, it was about economic insecurity. According to the Interior Minister of France, Gerald Darmanin, “minors as young as 12 and 13 years old were detained by police during the recent riots.” The average age of those arrested turned out to be 17. They don’t have the money to pay for their damage but their parents do.


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