Antifa Demands Release of Members, Starts Fires in Massive Riot [Video]


Disturbing reports of thousands of Antifa terrorists taking to the streets are coming out of Germany. In the major city of Leipzig, an estimated 4,000 Antifa in black-bloq have taken to the streets violently in a massive riot demanding the release of their fellow terrorists being held pending trial for brutal attacks on right-leaning protestors.

German Twitter user Geisteslicht wrote (translated),

Black, violent troops are marching through Germany again. It’s a form of fascism.”

Antifa Riot Marches on Leipzig

German Police Outnumbered 4 to 1

The Post Millennial’s Editor-at-Large Andy Ngô tweeted, A huge group of Antifa marched in Leipzig, Germany on Saturday & rioted. They smashed up businesses & cars along the way, & started fires in the streets.” Reportedly 1,000 officers were able to respond to the riot from all over Saxony, other German states as well as German Federal police. A German Federal Helicopter flew overhead and water cannons and armor rolled.

The arsonist rioters are railing against “Soko LinX” an investigative commission of the Police Terrorism and Extremism Defense Center of the State Criminal Police Office in the German State of Saxony. Now that the leftist extremists are actually getting prosecuted for their crimes, they’ve immediately tripped over Godwin’s Law and accused police of being co-opted by…. you guessed it: Nazis, actual Nazis… in Germany. Yup.

Meanwhile, though it is Antifa’s tactics, not those of the police that are bringing back troubling memories of the ‘Kristallnacht’ or night of broken glass for the German people, who are hoping the situation doesn’t devolve into another ‘Nacht der langen Messer’, the night of the long knives

According to German publication Zeit“Nationwide mobilization took place for the demonstration.

“With the start of the Antifa-Ost trial and shortly before the federal elections, we will take anti-fascist solidarity to the streets and finally turn the entanglements between Nazis and German security authorities into the scandal that it actually is,” said a spokeswoman for the alliance in advance.

“They demand “the denazification of the German security authorities, the dissolution of the Soko Linx and freedom for all anti-fascists”. Everyone is welcome who “see themselves as anti-fascists – regardless of whether it is candles, sit-ins or militant self-protection”.

The Post Millennial reported, “The demonstration, called “Wir sind alle Antifaschist:innen – Wir sind alle LinX” (We are all anti-fascists – We are all LinX) was in support of student Lina E. and three co-defendants currently facing trial in the Dresden Higher Regional Court. Federal Prosecutor General’s Office accuses the four of carrying out brutal attacks against numerous people, including right-wing protestors.”

Burning Streets, Cars, and Smashed Windows

Before the night was over, Antifa’s terrorist column attacked banks, and police stations, hurling cobblestones and bottles at officers and vehicles and setting barricades on fire. As they marched leaving a swath of destruction in their wake, they carried a banner which threatened the head of the Soko LinX Law Enforcement Commission Dirk Münster, it read:

“Dirk Münster, soon your dream will be over, then you’ll be in the trunk.”

Leftist members of the German parliament the Bundestag shamelessly sought to justify Antifa while walking a thin line of superficially “condemning” the violence. Bundestag member Juliane Nagel issued a statement saying, “People’s anger is also justified, they’re just letting it out here. They’re pissed off at right-wing entanglements in police agencies, however, the means that’s being used here right now is wrong.”

If Leipzig is any indication, then the Federal Republic of Germany, the fourth-largest economy in the world, the beating heart of the European Union, and the source of their military strength is destabilizing before our very eyes.



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