Fast Thinking Mother Saves 2 Children Moments Before the Car Explodes

Fast Thinking Mother Saves 2 Children Moments Before the Car Explodes

In a moment of terror, a fast thinking mother saved her two children just seconds before her car caught fire.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: seeing their children in danger.

On September 10th, Brittney Thrash, a mother of two, was driving near 7th Avenue and Interstate 10 in Phoenix, Arizona, after picking up her son from school. All of a sudden, smoke started to billow out of her car.

“It was scary. It was probably the scariest thing I had to deal with in my life,” she said.

Within seconds, she found herself running from the vehicle with her two children in tow.

“I looked up and I saw sweat coming from my daughter’s face. I looked around and I sort of saw smoke and then after I saw these women pointing at my car, so I instantly knew the smoke was coming from my car,” Thrash said.

The mother of two immediately stopped her car and planned their escape, telling her son to get out of the vehicle, and unbuckling her daughter from her car seat.

“I pulled her through the front, her leg got stuck and I pulled her leg out and pulled her from the front seat,” Thrash said.

Just moments after the family made it to safety, the car caught fire, sending flames and smoke soaring into the sky.

“It just blew up. It was instant as soon as I got them out the car,” she said.

It is so far unclear what caused the vehicle to catch fire. Luckily, despite losing their car, the family is okay.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family, as they lost their means of transportation and all the belongings inside of it.


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