Fact Checkers Claim No Weapons or George Soros Connection in Louisville Riots.. We Beg to Differ


The liberal fact checkers started foaming at the mouth when all of America went spastic about a U-Haul filled with “pre-made canvas signs bearing slogans like ‘abolish the police’ and ‘abolition now,’ along with a good supply of shields bearing Antifa and anarchist logos. “How dare you accuse George Soros of funding a truck full of weapons, that’s FALSE!” In a nit-picky kind of way they’re right, sort of. Shields are very ineffective weapons but a truck conveniently pre-filled as an “instant riot kit” is still a big deal and somebody paid for it. Evil Dark Lord Darth Soros may not have personally signed the rental papers or filled the tank with gas but his money has been trickling down through their “Bail Fund Project” disruptors for years, whether Politifact wants to admit it or not.

Fact checkers only check half the facts

Fact checker service Politifact, the one responsible for graying out posts on Facebook which offend liberals, worked overtime to censor a viral video from Louisville, Kentucky, that was taken immediately after the Breonna Taylor decision was announced. It proves without a doubt that someone was prepared for violence after that decision, even before anyone knew what it would be. Several related videos from various angles clearly show “protesters wearing backpacks rush to the back of a U-Haul truck. They reach in and grab pre-made canvas signs bearing slogans like ‘abolish the police’ and ‘abolition now.'” As Politifact writes, “They got shields!” someone yells.

Only a few moments after the announcement, riots started and shortly after that, two police officers were shot and wounded. By the end of the evening, 127 rioters were arrested. Volunteer sleuths quickly tracked down Holly Zoller, who works as a “disruptor” for the Louisville branch of the Bail Project. They outed her as the one who rented the van. Zoller, or someone pretending to be her, admitted to renting the truck. The fact checker decides to accept that Zoeller did as allegedly admitted, drive “the U-Haul truck and dropped off supplies at the protest.” The way they weasel word it, “regardless of whether Zoller drove the U-Haul truck to the protest, Open Society Foundations does not fund the Bail Project.” Um, excuse me, yes they do.

They look to the most recent tax filing to show that “it received nearly $25 million in contributions and grants during the fiscal year ending June 2018. None of that money came from the Open Society Foundations.” A look at the Chronicle of Philanthropy dated February 11, 2020, debunks their FALSE check with a fact or two they don’t want you to know.

All part of the bigger picture

What progressive fact check sites like Politifact don’t want anyone to know is that the Bail Project is part of the larger push to “end mass incarceration.” Soros is all over that. A full six years ago, according to left-leaning Chronicle of Philanthropy, “George Soros’ Open Society Foundations made a $50 million grant to the American Civil Liberties Union to support what the ACLU described as ‘the most ambitious effort to end mass incarceration in American history.'”

In order to get resources to Black Lives Matter organizers on the street, like shields pre-painted with Antifa symbols, water bottles, and signs, George Soros doesn’t need to buy it all personally. He funds the big organizations, who fund the smaller organizations, who buy the gas for the Molotov cocktails. Foundations including the Open Societies Foundation “have generously financed new nonprofits and funded allies inside governments. They also have backed federal, state, and local efforts to make just about every element of the justice system less punitive, seeking to influence the conduct of police officers and prosecutors, to decriminalize minor offenses like marijuana possession, to end mandatory minimum sentences, to improve conditions inside prisons and jails, and to help former convicts β€” the preferred term now is ‘returning citizens’ β€” re-enter society.” That’s a fact.

One of those offshoots is the Bail Project. Robin Steinberg, founder and CEO of the Bail Project, noted in February, “I think our nation is finally reaching a moment of reckoning with its legacy of racial violence, economic disenfranchisement, and mass incarceration.” The article notes, the “approaches foundations have taken on criminal justice are remarkably diverse and represent a playbook that could be adapted to dealing with other vexing social issues that command philanthropic attention.” Like paying for riots. The fact is that George Soros funds Open Societies Foundation who funds the mass incarceration movement who funds the bail project. Either way, that U-haul was ready and waiting no matter who paid for it and the load it was hauling.


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