Expert Identifies 200,000 Votes Hi-Jacked from President Trump

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An expert in Georgia just identified another 200,000 fraudulent votes for Joe Biden. The pattern reveals that these votes were transferred from President Trump to Joe Biden at the precinct level. The Democrat’s house of cards is crashing down.

President Trump still fighting the deep state

Huge news out of Georgia. Data expert Edward Solomon analyzed the 2020 election results and discovered another batch of 200,000 votes that were transferred from Biden to Trump.

The mainstream media showed President Trump ahead of Biden by more than 100,000 votes on election night.

Solomon believes that during this time, Trump already had the 200,000 votes moved from his totals to Joe Biden.

The massive fraud was still not enough for Biden to win the traditionally Red state, so Democrats resorted to plan B.

Election officials at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta claimed there was a water main break and ordered the evacuation of all staff and poll watchers. This was the location where absentee ballots were being counted in the key battleground state.

Once the building was empty, the few remaining election officials rolled suitcases full of ballots out from under a table and continued counting. It’s all on camera for the world to see. Caught red handed!

American patriots demand answers. Why did they lie about a water main break? Why didn’t the election officials stop counting after they were told to leave the building? Why were those suitcases full of ballots tucked away hidden under a table until the coast was clear?

How did Joe Biden miraculously pull ahead of Trump by just 10,000 votes several days after the election? It’s painfully obvious.

Georgia election voter fraud

This comes just days after the Trump legal team took possession of a Dominion voting machine in Georgia.

They claim the machine contains evidence that 37 votes were switched from Trump to Biden in one rural county.

This may seem like an insignificant glitch, however, this represents .26% of the Georgia ballots. When you extrapolate that out to the entire state, that would equate to more than 14,000 votes.

According to the mainstream media, Biden is currently ahead of Trump by only 10,000 votes. This battle is far from over.


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