And We are Off to the Supreme Court [Video]

Supreme Court Election Fraud Pennsylvania Election 2020

Big news out of Pennsylvania! Sean Parnell and Mike Kelly have successfully taken their case of election fraud from the state house in Harrisburg to the United States Supreme Court. Will President Trump and his supporters finally get justice?

Supreme Court voter fraud 2020

Republicans in Pennsylvania are challenging the state’s mail-in voting practices as well as the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. The mainstream media currently has Biden ahead of Trump by 80,000 votes in the key battleground state.

20 electoral votes are on the line and the Trump team is confident they have plenty of evidence to prove that voter fraud took place.

Pennsylvania courts tossed the Republican’s case, saying that it was far too late to challenge the state’s mail-in voting laws after several elections have already taken place.

A lawyer for the plaintiffs, which includes House Rep. Mike Kelly and congressional candidate Sean Parnell, rejected the court’s decision and brought their case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Attorney Teufel filed the 40-page emergency application to United States Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. The filing requests the highest court in the country to halt the certification of Pennsylvania’s election results for federal offices. “We’ve asked the court to pause the process in Pennsylvania, just like we asked the courts below to do,” Mr. Teufel said.

Presidential election results

The application also requests the Supreme Court to nullify any completed certification of federal election results in Pennsylvania, including the presidential results, pending further court action. Republicans in the state claim the mail-in voting practices are unconstitutional and they seek to throw out many of the 2.5 million mail-in ballots submitted under the 2019 law.

Republicans are remaining optimistic. Mr. Teufel said “the U.S. Supreme Court could act very quickly, potentially, if they agree with our arguments.” Although he recognized that emergency injunctions from the Supreme Court “are always low odds.”

Now we wait and see. The court does have a Conservative majority, with three of the latest justices appointed by President Trump. There’s no telling whether or not that will help Trump get his second term.


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