Eric Adams Dares to Focus on Real Cause of Crime


New York City’s new tough on crime mayor, Eric Adams, isn’t making any friends with holdouts from the last administration. He actually dares to talk about how we got into this mess in the first place. Everyone seems to forget that crimes only get committed by criminals. Letting them back out on the street to do it again, over and over, only helps them get better at it.

Adams cracks down hard

On Monday, June 6, New York City Mayor Eric Adams held a press conference to “share his thoughts” about the city’s alleged legal system with police officials.

Contrary to public opinion, he doesn’t have a problem with cops. He doesn’t have a problem with guns. He has a big problem with judges and prosecutors who aren’t holding up their end of the deal.

Police, he assures, are “laser-focused on the shooters” and making arrests. Just like they should be. The problem comes in after the arrest. The courts are downright negligent, Adams insists.

The courts have to prosecute. Judges have to make sure they stay in. Everyone has to do their part. If not, they go out and come back.

Local liberals are totally furious that he won’t blame racial profiling. Racism means nothing to this Black former NYPD captain. Police brutality isn’t the issue and he knows it. Instead, he continues to believe that criminals are “bad guys.

Nobody, Adams explains, “takes criminal justice seriously anymore.” Especially not the criminals. “These bad guys no longer take them seriously. They believe our criminal justice system is a laughingstock of our entire country. We have to get serious about this ’cause innocent people are dying.

Blame the bail laws

If you want to point the finger of blame, point it where it belongs, straight at legislators who pass liberal bail laws. “We made some victories in Albany around public safety. We would have liked to receive more, like the ‘dangerousness‘ standard that’s so important.” Better luck next time.

Adams is “hoping that they can examine that in the next legislative cycle because we have to close some of those loopholes that are dealing with public safety.

Democrats don’t seem to be living on the same planet. “Sometimes I just feel with some lawmakers that they’re just not dealing in the reality. Idealism can’t displace realism,” Adams laments.

It’s not that simple, progressives whine. They say he’s “oversimplifying” a discriminatory justice system that locks up more Blacks than Whites.

Adams counters that the argument is hogwash because he can’t help it if Black people commit more crimes than anyone else. The answer to high incarceration rates isn’t turning them loose and failure to prosecute.

The answer is cracking down hard on crime and making sure it sticks. Criminals don’t do crimes when they’re locked in a cage, no matter if they’re Black, White, Brown, Yellow, or Purple.


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