Creepy Biden Video Leaked…Secret Service LIVID


Don’t worry about inflation or the economy, Joe Biden assures, slurping on an ice cream cone. That, he declares without proof, is “strong as hell.” As he ran his tongue lovingly across a double scoop of Baskin Robbins chocolate chip, he was remembering the little girl he had been groping with bad intent in a California ice cream shop the day before. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on her and sniff her hair. Apparently, his handlers had left the spray bottle behind.

Joe getting grabby again

Joe Biden went to Portland, Oregon in the mistaken belief that because it was a blue state they would be friendly to him. He didn’t realize that the Bernie Sanders loving socialists hate Biden as much as Republicans do for not being radically far enough to the left.

A local reporter cornered him in Baskin Robbins to grill His Wisdom on our “8.2 percent inflation rate and warnings of a looming recession.

C’mon man, “I’m not concerned about the strength of the dollar. I’m concerned about the rest of the world. Our economy is strong as hell.” All Joe was concerned about was the little girl he practically molested in California day before.

The dollar goes up in times of uncertainty and things are pretty uncertain right now. Vlad might push the big red button any day. If he doesn’t do it, either Xi Jinping or Kim Jong Un will.

Joe was on his way to the airport headed back to Washington on Saturday but had to get his daily dose of ice cream before he went into withdrawal. He was also hoping to see the sights.

He may be 80 but he still likes to grope tween girls. His pretext was to offer the young lady in California some dating advice. He warned her to stay away from strange men like him, at least until she was 30.

The internet goes wild

Joe Biden’s senior moments have been going viral. The girl he cornered on Friday was clearly uncomfortable with his advances. Secret service weren’t happy with the guy who was filming it.

Biden has been tripping, falling, and forgetting where he is for a long time now but nobody wants to send him for a mental exam. Probably because they know he’ll flunk. He doesn’t seem to remember the Jimmy Carter era but he’s making us repeat it.

The price of Joe Biden’s ice cream is UP 13.6 percent compared with a year ago.” We’re running out of gas. Things haven’t been this bad since the peanut farmer was running things. Meanwhile his criminal son can do no wrong and the FBI won’t charge him with anything. At least, not anything serious, like influence peddling, which will blow back all over the big guy himself.

Biden knows they will charge him with crimes but his crack addict son will come out and remind everyone he’s a crack addict so they will let him go. Joe and his brother Jim and all the rest of the alleged Biden family crime syndicate can still sleep easy at home and not in a cell.

Jacob Schneider, the deputy director of rapid response for the Republican National Committee, rushed out a reply on twitter. “I’m glad Joe Biden and the crazy lady whose priorities include ‘meth stabilization centers‘ had time for an ice cream cone.

Biden’s companion “plans to build a so-called ‘sobering center‘ where addicts can stay indoors while they come down from their high on methamphetamines and other dangerous drugs.” They tried that in 2019 but gave up.


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