Anarchist AG Thinks Nothing of Leaving Man To Die


Putting an incident that happened over the weekend in its best light means that an official in charge of enforcing the laws, Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg, is really an anarchist who thinks nothing of leaving a man to die by the side of the road. If local suspicions turn out to be accurate, then Hyde County Sheriff Mike Volek could be part of a conspiracy to cover up what really happened. When the very men in charge of enforcing the laws ignore inconvenient things like the death of a pedestrian – who might have lived if detected sooner – when it doesn’t suit them, then we have no laws. Anarchy is anarchy but law enforcement going rogue is much worse treachery. This incident tends to support the Black Lives Matter arguments all too conveniently as well. Something is seriously fishy here.

Anarchist Attorney General shatters rule of law

When all the facts are in, and the jury as well, this will go down in the history books as a particularly heinous crime. The facts outrageously speak for themselves. It’s hard to believe that an ordinary citizen would do something like this but only an elected Attorney General who was a total hypocrite anarchist could do what 44-year-old Jason Ravnsborg has already admitted. The rest of the story is even worse.

Joseph ‘Joe’ Boever, 55 of Highmore.

An event that happened over the weekend in rural South Dakota is so shocking it smells like a false flag, but it’s also so bizarre that it could well be true, which makes it even scarier. Liberals are all too familiar with anarchist ways. They ignore the rule of law to do as they please. That’s exactly why South Dakota elected a Republican as their Attorney General. They want someone tough on crime to throw the book at criminals and keep them safe from chaos in the night, not commit it. Or cover it up.

There is no doubt at all that Jason Ravnsborg ran 55-year-old Joseph Boever over along Highway 14 in Hyde County around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, “while driving home from a fundraising event for the Republican Party.” What happened next depends on who you ask. The alleged defender of law and order has decided to defend his own skin. The official story is that he thought “he hit a deer.” He didn’t find a deer. He didn’t find a body either. Some wonder if he really stopped to look. Since he’s not just an attorney but the state’s official attorney, he thought fast and called the man he works with daily, Sheriff Mike Volek. The Sheriff looks like an anarchist now too, because folks in the area, especially the family of Mr. Boever, are convinced it’s a cover-up.

DPS statement didn’t say if he stopped

The initial release from the Department of Public Safety disclosed that Ravnsborg told police he hit a deer but “he was uninjured.” When he went back to the scene Sunday morning, he “found the body of Joseph ‘Joe’ Boever, 55 of Highmore.” The DPS statement “did not mention whether Ravnsborg stopped his vehicle after the incident.” The anarchist asserts, “he didn’t realize he hit a person until he returned to the scene Sunday morning to check for debris.”

Boever’s family filled in a few of the gaps. Earlier in the day he had crashed his truck in a field near the spot he was fatally struck.” According to his cousin, Nick Nemec, the vehicle had been damaged when Boever “hit a hay bale on Friday night when he drove the vehicle off the road while reaching for his tobacco.” They planned to fix the Ford pickup Sunday morning but “Boever decided not to wait and began walking to his truck.” Sunday morning, when Nemec couldn’t find Boever, he called the Hyde County Sheriff. That’s about when the stories started shifting too.

After more details started emerging, the anarchist AG claimed he stopped in the night “and used the flashlight on his phone to look around his vehicle in the dark, but saw nothing other than damage to his car and believed he had hit a large animal.” The family is wondering why “they were not contacted by investigators to identify Mr Boever’s body until almost 22 hours after it was discovered.” To them, it looks a lot like a hit and run cover-up. “He must have been distracted if he was unclear that he hit a human instead of a deer.”

Sheriff owns land next to where body discovered

The story changed again by Monday. That’s when Ravnsborg issued a statement alleging, “he had called police immediately after the incident on a rural stretch of US Highway 14 along Hudson County late on Saturday.” The Anarchist General insists, “Hyde County Sheriff Mike Volek was on the scene both Saturday night and Sunday morning, and in both instances instructed him to go home. At no time did either of us suspect that I had been involved in an accident with a person.” Notably, Volek owns property outside of Highmore “just yards from where Boever’s body was recovered.”

Governor Kristi Noem understands completely that the actions of law enforcement officials turned anarchist cannot be investigated by those same officials. That would be blatantly a case of the rats guarding the cheese. She also declares crystal clear transparency in what happens next. “We offer every situation the same standard of investigative procedures that we would any other person, but we are adding an extra level of transparency and accountability that I think is necessary in this case,” The Highway Patrol will handle the probe, “which will be overseen by a Cabinet Secretary for the South Dakota Department of Public Safety, Craig Price.” On Sunday, Price declared, “South Dakota Highway Patrol routinely investigates fatality crashes across our state and we will handle this as we would any other fatal crash.” He promises to make all the findings available “at the appropriate time,” including “audio recordings or transcripts of any 911 calls, dash cam footage or other materials used in the investigation.” A “third-party crash investigator from Jackson Hole, Wyoming named John Daly has also been hired to aid in the case,” Price added.

A spokesperson for the Attorney General turned anarchist told the press, “while the attorney general does drink, he ‘has made it a practice not to drink at the Lincoln Day events,’ per the AP, referring to the name of the political function he attended.” However, the local paper reports, “the AG has been cited for speeding six times between 2014 and 2018. He pleaded guilty to all of them and paid fines ranging from $19 to $79.” Findings from Mr. Boever’s autopsy aren’t being shared at this time. The medical exam was “conducted and completed in Ramsey County, Minnesota, as South Dakota’s go-to pathologist was unavailable.”



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