Dutch Farmers Really Fight Unilever, Pepsi and Master Card


Dutch Farmers are mad at their prime minister and parliament for trying to regulate them out of existence but they may be surprised to learn that they’re really fighting against “Rabobank, Unilever, PepsiCo, Master Card and the world’s largest agrochemical company, Syngenta, which was acquired by Chinese state-owned Chemchina in 2017.” Nitrous oxide in the air is no laughing matter, Dutch Nitrogen Minister Christianne van der Wal declares. She takes the Agenda 2030 emissions goals seriously. To save the planet she wants to kill off most of the humans. No farms means no food, which is why stock in artificial meat schemes are trading better than StemTech.

Farmers fight the megacorps

All of the pain felt by Dutch farmers, and about to spread from Europe to Canada, then America, can be blamed on the World Economic Forum. The WEF calls Klaus Schwab’s “Food Innovation Hubs” the best idea since sliced bread. That makes them “an important multi-stakeholder platform to leverage technology and broader innovation to strengthen local ecosystems as the global food system transforms.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte pledged in 2021 to “fund this initiative over several years and to have its global coordinating secretariat established in the Netherlands.

That “coordination secretariat” has a purpose. “coordinate the efforts of the regional centers and align with global processes and initiatives such as the UN Summit on Food Systems.

According to Dutch outlet The Postil, “who the secretariat will actually work for, and in whose interest, becomes apparent when one takes a look at the organization’s official partners. In addition to the Dutch government, these include Rabobank, Unilever, PepsiCo, Master Card and the world’s largest agrochemical company, Syngenta, which was acquired by Chinese state-owned Chemchina in 2017.” No wonder the farmers are burning tires on the freeway.

It’s important to note that “since BlackRock and Vanguard are the largest shareholders in Unilever, PepsiCo and Master Card, it should once again be clear who is pulling the strings in the background.” The “magic formula of the future” is “laboratory meat.” That, and bugs. Insects are a great source of protein.

Once all those nasty polluting farmers are out of the way, housing can be built for all our refugee migrants and everyone can happily munch on fake meat courtesy of Bill Gates. Just remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green day.

You don’t see this in the news

The American network media is terrified to show any images of what the farmers in the Netherlands have been up to for weeks now. Their demonstrations have been “blocking border crossings, access routes and even supermarket entrances.

Cheerfully burning haybales in the roadway and squirting liquid manure on the homes of Parliament Ministers escalated to burning tires over the past few days. You don’t want to hit a pile of those on your way in to work and the stench can be smelled for miles.

Supermarket shelves ran bare and it wasn’t because of Putin’s war with Ukraine. It was all because their nitrogen minister declared war on Dutch agriculture. They were singled out, they say, because nobody seems to care about the nitrogen emissions from industry or other known polluters.


It’s clearly nothing but a disguised land grab. The Dutch government “callously accepted the destruction of the livelihoods of some 30 percent of livestock farmers.

In order to meet the heavy handed mandates passed down from Brussels, “they will destroy more than 15,000 farms in the Netherlands.” Half of Europe will starve, followed by the rest of Europe when the same thing happens to their farms. That’s why solidarity protests popped up by farmers in Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy and Canada.

Rainbow Sock Wearing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a big fan of the World Economic Forum. Another interesting fun fact. Mega-asset managers BlackRock and Vanguard who are up to their eyeballs in the WEF “secretariat” also “are among the largest shareholders in three” of the four big American meat packers, Cargill, Tyson Foods, JBS, and National Beef Packing.


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