Breaking: Frustrated Farmers Battle With Torches and Pitchforks


Dutch Police are using teargas and dogs against local farmers, literally armed with pitchforks and torches. Farm workers are setting hay bales on fire in the roadway and blockading grocery store distribution centers. The entire Netherlands agricultural industry is up in arms. They may be famous for all those windmills but, thanks to far-overreaching government regulation to prevent global warming, you can kiss the tulips goodbye. Along with all the tomatoes. Meat, milk and eggs, too.

Farmers fighting back

Joe Biden will need a black market ice cream supplier after the New World Order has their way and shuts down all the dairy farms. What’s happening right now in the Netherlands could be happening tomorrow to farmers in Iowa.

It’s not being reported in America unless you go looking but Monday night, July 4, “Dutch police used teargas and dogs to break up some farmer protests.” They passed out “around 200 fines and made several arrests.”

One of the battlegrounds was a Lidl distribution center in the town of Heerenveen. Our equivalent would be a Walmart warehouse. Riot police were called in to pump out enough tear gas to clear the area.

Farmers were using their tractors to block trucks from leaving the facility. Three were reportedly arrested. Another distribution center in Sneek was also blockaded in similar fashion. Dutch media is concerned about outside instigators. Others, they write, “had joined in who were not ‘normal protesters.’” They don’t say what was odd about them though.

There are so many supermarket distribution warehouses blocked off as of Tuesday that the grocery Co-op warns of “massive food wastage and empty shelves.”

Farmers have a bridge blocked off in Groningen. A lot like what happened at the Texas and Canadian borders in recent North American protests focused on freedom from crippling mandates which hamper the trucking industry.

A good reason for anger

The farmers have good reason to literally pull out their pitchforks and torches. They’re tossing hay bales in the roadway and lighting them on fire to send a message to the Hague. When Brussels handed down the declaration that the Netherlands weren’t holding up their end of greenhouse gas reduction, Dutch officials took a drastic measure.

In 2019, the Dutch Council of State ruled the government’s policy to reduce excess nitrogen breached EU directives on protecting vulnerable habitats and it needed to do more.” They did. A lot more. “Projections made by the Dutch environment agency PBL envisaged reducing livestock farming by 30% and critics predict forced farm closures.” The government agrees the predictions are accurate. There will be farm closures.

The honest truth is that not all farmers can continue with their business, and not always in the way that they farm now,” the Hague admitted at the end of June. This measure, chairman of the Farmers Defense Force, Mark van den Oever exclaims, goes “way too far.” The policies are unacceptable. They couldn’t comply if they wanted to.


Technical solutions just aren’t possible in zones in and around nature reserves. So whole areas are going to be swept empty. My supporters are extremely concerned about this. They have their backs against the wall.

Farmers are still “threatening to bring the country to a standstill.” Last week, at least 10 were arrested when a group of overall-clad protesters “attacked police cars, dumped a lorryload of manure on the doorstep of nitrogen policy minister Christianne van der Wal, and blockaded family the ice cream factory of MP Romke de Jonge in the northern province of Friesland.

You won’t be getting wall to wall coverage of these riots on CNN. It might give American farmers ideas.


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