Dems Fold, Election Integrity is Coming


Defeated Democrats threw their cards down in disgust and folded their losing hand. Election integrity is coming to the great state of Texas, whether they like it or not. Enough DINO defectors showed up for work to finally get the job done.

Election security on the way

Gene Wu was firmly declaring victory in the fight over election rigging weeks ago.

“In a few more days,” he tweeted back on August 2, “I will have accomplished my legislative goal of killing the most partisan anti-voter legislation in the nation. I’ll keep tweeting. You keep crying.” Who’s crying now, Gene?

RedState nailed it when they wrote that these Texas Democrats were “engaged in a game of chicken they had no chance of winning.” They’re right again now when they say “it’s all over but the crying.” More like screaming.

The screams of a violent gunman being stoned to death by neighborhood vigilantes. They’ll stop soon. Conservatives only care about the huge victory for election security.

The fugitive lawmakers were embarrassing criminals giving their state a black eye. They promised to “remain out of the state indefinitely.” Their constituents are ready to make that official.

Recall petitions are swirling around already. They thought they could defy conservative voters by “denying the Texas House the quorum it needs to pass a relatively mild election integrity bill.”

The clock has run out

Time is up for the Democrats and they lost. They were ready to hide out in Washington, D.C. until the special session called by Governor Greg Abbott was over. They didn’t expect him to call another one.

Those hotel rooms cost money and even liberal congress members aren’t willing to open their basements to itinerant fugitives indefinitely. They’re just going to have to accept that Texans want laws to make sure the next election is secure.

The holdout lasted a full 38 days and when it was over, the criminals responsible had the nerve to call themselves “heroic.”

One commenter noted, “does this mean we won’t get any more salad pics on Twitter?” Instead they get safe election legislation.

RedState also colorfully noted that in “the end, this will go down as one of the dumbest, most pointless stunts in political history.”

“Not only was there no endgame here for the Texas Democrats (they could not win), but they used all their political capital in a failed attempt to stop a bill that doesn’t even do anything controversial.” The ridiculous election scheme of “24-hour voting” went down in flames. Big deal.


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