Defense Secretary Esper: ‘I’ve Launched an Investigation’….’The Illegal Leaks are Terrible’


The illegal leak situation is so terribly out of control that Defense Secretary Esper has launched a formal investigation. He especially wants to catch the rat who leaked classified and misleading information to the press about an alleged “bounty” on soldiers in Afghanistan.

Defense Secretary launches investigation

“I’ve launched an investigation,” Defense Department Secretary Mark Esper told the House Armed Services Committee on Friday. “The illegal leaks are terrible.” He was there to talk about active duty troops being used in the role of “civil law enforcement” since state governments can’t seem to provide law and order anymore. He was sidetracked into the controversy over an alleged “bounty” offered by the Kremlin for killing American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Leaks in general are bad enough to require immediate investigation, because “they’re happening across the government.” Secretary Esper doesn’t care if the information is formally classified or merely “information that is sensitive.” He’s focused on the treachery, especially within his own Department of Defense. He wants to plug all the “unauthorized discussions with the media.”

All the committee seemed to want to talk about was the recent leak of sketchy and unconfirmed intelligence reports alleging Russia “offered bounty payments to Taliban-linked terrorists to kill American and Coalition troops in Afghanistan.” The New York Times and Washington Post, both favorites of Deep State rats, cited “anonymous officials” for providing the reports. Those officials are looking at prison time for what they disclosed once Esper’s investigation determines who the rats were.

Not worth briefing the president

The thought of the Kremlin putting a price on the head of American soldiers is enough to make people really angry. Democrats who want President Donald Trump to look bad in an election year don’t care if what they leak to the press is true or not, as long as it helps accomplish their evil intentions.

The reports were subject to investigation at the time and it was determined that there was nothing to back up the rumors. None of the top officials were bothered with such an obvious waste of their time. The thing that really matters is that someone would illegally hand that report to the press.

Leaking sensitive information to the press, even if it isn’t classified top-secret, hurts “our nation’s security.” That’s why there needs to be a formal investigation into who leaked. Blabbing sensitive information undermines the safety of our troops and also weakens our national policy by making us look bad with other countries.


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