DOJ Takes EXTRA Steps With Ghislaine


The federal Department of Justice isn’t taking any chances with Ghislaine Maxwell. They’re implementing extra security steps to prevent another suspicious death in custody. They don’t want to find her hanging around some morning like they did with Jeffrey Epstein.

A few steps into the gray bar hotel

Just a few steps into the gray bar hotel, Ghislaine Maxwell was kitted out with a stylish set of paper clothing, too flimsy to make into a noose. As soon as she was checked into the posh Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, the infamous pervert was provided with the latest in prison fashion. Federal officials are terrified “the long-time confidante of financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein might attempt to take her own life while in jail.” It’s much more likely the charges against her will vanish by Deep State magic.

Reporters for Associated Press learned that prison staff “took away her clothes and bedsheets” but those were only the first steps. They put other measures in place that “extend far beyond the measures federal officials took when they first arrested her in New Hampshire last week.” She came out of New Hampshire alive, which is a better outcome than her boyfriend had at the MDC.

Additional security steps include extra security. The DOJ “has added extra security precautions and placed federal officials outside the Bureau of Prisons in charge of ensuring there is adequate protection for Maxwell.” That’s funny. You would think they would be inside the prison to act as bodyguards. Are they expecting the prison to be invaded? Somehow, from the outside, the agents will “help prevent other inmates from harming her.”

Ghislaine won’t be lonely

Ghislaine Maxwell won’t be lonely while she visits the prison. The warden also took steps to ensure “that she has a roommate in her cell, that she is monitored and that someone is always with her while she’s behind bars.” They also plan to send a technician to check and make sure all the cameras are working. With a little luck, the guards won’t go to sleep on the job this time.

According to the unnamed official, all the extra steps are necessary because of Epstein. When the 66-year-old was found dead in his cell, his death “spawned conspiracy theories” despite “a medical examiner ruling it a suicide.” Another medical examiner, an independent one who also happens to be the model for the TV medical detective “Quincy,” says otherwise. Renowned coroner Cyril Wecht examined Epstein and determined that Epstein “didn’t hang himself.”

Reporters over at ABC confirmed that “Maxwell was given paper clothing and federal officials were fearful she might take her own life.” Regarding all the extra security steps, “It’s unclear whether Maxwell has been placed on suicide watch” because the paper clothing requirement “is standard procedure for high-profile inmates or new inmates.”


Extra precautionary steps

Attorney General Barr also notes he recommended the extra precautionary steps. “We have asked [the Bureau of Prisons] to tell us specifically the protocols they’re following, and we have a number of redundant systems to monitor the situation.” He doesn’t want another witness to get silenced. He was “livid” about Epstein.

Maxwell was hiding in plain sight since Epstein was arrested. Federal agents finally located Maxwell, “at a $1 million 156-acre secluded residence in Bedford, New Hampshire that she had purchased for cash through a carefully anonymized LLC.” She took a bunch of steps to cover her tracks.

Maxwell “also moved at least twice, switched her phone number and registered it under the name ‘G Max,’ and changed her email address and ordered packages under a different name.” When arrested in New Hampshire, where she was comfortably tucked away, she had “15 different bank accounts, some with balances of more than $20 million and she holds other accounts in foreign countries containing more than $1 million.” She was all set to take a few steps out of the country. She also had three separate passports.


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