Creepy Video of Gov Whitmer Draws Heavy Questions

Creepy Video of Gov Whitmer Draws Heavy Questions

While Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer complained and lied about Republicans’ voting legislation, viewers’ eyes were drawn to something creepy in her background decor.

In a video interview with MSNBC, Whitmer attacked Republicans in her state for proposing legislation to secure elections.

“There was not fraud the way that this big lie perpetuated and fed into people’s anxieties and inspired the unthinkable on January 6. But the fact of the matter is this a solution in search of a problem and it is unacceptable and so, if and when those bills get to my desk and they’re aiming to make it harder for people to vote, they will get vetoed,” she stated.

In the background, viewers quickly noticed a pillow with Dr. Anthony Fauci‘s face on it.

Conservatives on Twitter were quick to call out the creepy idolatry of the left and their obsession with Fauci.

Caleb Hull shared screenshots of the video with the caption, “kill me”.

“Strategically place of course. It’s all propaganda,” wrote one Twitter user in response to Caleb Hull’s tweet.

Another Twitter user responded to Caleb Hull’s tweet, writing: “This might be the last straw that gets me to leave this state.”


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