Continuing The Ukraine, China Trend; Joe Gets Caught AGAIN in Shady Biz


Now that His Wisdom Joe Biden has firmly entrenched himself in the Imperial Palace, he’s up to his standard method of back room deals to cut his cronies into the action. He got it down to a science with the Ukraine and China pay-for-play schemes and he just got caught again.

Joe deals in his buddies

Imperial Leader Joe Biden didn’t waste any time dealing his buddies into the game. The very day he moved into the palace, he hired a transgender friend with experience protecting “migrant’s rights” to set up what virtually amounts to an “Amnesty Aqui!” Program.

Biden knew there would be a crisis on his very first day in power because he started it.

The contract for massive amounts of work shuffling migrants from the border into America’s interior was awarded to a company called “Family Endeavors.” Not only is it the largest contract that organization ever dreamed of, “It’s potentially worth more than 12 times the group’s most recently reported annual budget.”

Insiders note that’s “a sign of the demand the new work will place on its operations.” Just before they got the contract, they hired one of Joe Biden’s friends.

Another interesting thing that even rabidly liberal outlet Axios noticed is that the “no-bid contract also is the second largest ever awarded by the agency overseeing the migrant child program.”

Joe didn’t ink the deal until after Family Endeavors “hired Andrew Lorenzen-Strait, who advised the Biden transition team on Department of Homeland Security policy.” He’s their “senior director for migrant services and federal affairs.” How cozy.

The New World Order

Strait is anything but. He has “experience working with transgender prisoners.” His company bio notes “He lives near Annapolis, MD, with his husband, two daughters, and son.” They just went from helping “individuals and families with mental illness and/or disabilities” to find housing to “working with illegal migrants to get them placed in the United States.”

Instead of that racist division of North, Central and South America, from Murchison Promontory, Canada to Águila Islet, Chile we’re all one big open borders America now. Welcome to the New World Order and Joe Biden is running this part of it.

The organization put out a press release the same day Joe had the National Guard put DC on lockdown so he could move into the Palace. Dated Jan 20, 2021, the notice reads: “Endeavors is pleased to announce the official appointment of Andrew Lorenzen-Strait as the Senior Director for Migrant Services & Federal Affairs at Endeavors.”

The Palace put him in charge of “a nation-wide team of dedicated professionals providing critical social services to migrants, including unaccompanied children, single adults and families.” That shows they knew the unaccompanied kids and MS-13 gang bangers were already on the way.

Lorenzen-Strait gave a little speech recently at the American University Washington College of Law event called the “In Children’s Best Interests” symposium. His topic was “migrating people’s social service needs.”

Joe gave him total control over “Reducing immigration detention and enforcement budgets and refocusing those dollars to respond to humanitarian needs of migrants.” Instead of “locking up asylum seekers,” he’ll be “meeting the social support needs of immigrants arriving at our borders.” In other words, “rolling out the red carpet.”


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