Cartels Advertising Human Smugglers on Social Media


Oh in the heady days of yesteryear, you might hear of teenagers getting part-time jobs, shoveling snow up north, cutting grass all manner of things to make some pocket money. But in South Texas 2021 things have move along a bit…. to human smuggling for the Cartels in Mommy’s ‘borrowed’ SUV. And these kids are making sometimes as much as $3,000 a trip. And get this: the cartels are so brazen and sophisticated that they’re advertising right on TikTok so that naive teenagers are front and center in the target audience.

Fox News reported on the content of the TikTok ads,

“Need 2 or 3 drivers to go through a checkpoint,” one says.

“Got another 6 left, already crossed. Lemme know ASAP for that easy cash,” another says.

If they take it, their job is to get migrants through checkpoints and then to a drop-off location like a store parking lot, where the migrants are then picked up by someone trusted by the cartel and transferred to stash houses scattered along the border.”

Huge $$ for Teens Chump Change for Cartels Smugglers

It seems unlikely that a criminal enterprise like the cartel smugglers would be so generous to post-pubescent middle-men but according to the Federalist, $3,000 isn’t much of a cost of doing business,

“Each migrant is paying anywhere between $2,500 and $20,000, depending on his nationality. Single adults who want to evade apprehension by U.S. authorities tend to pay more, which means a carload of six or eight migrants could easily represent upwards of $100,000 in payments to smugglers and the cartels they work with.”

While Joe Biden Fumbles to Harris

With the epidemic of these cases occurring the authorities already dangerously hamstrung by the Biden-Harris regime are finding themselves overrun. As a result most of these teenagers are barely getting a slap on the wrist for their roles in this massive multi-billion dollar human-smuggling operation. Even so, Joe Biden in spite of his admission that there is indeed a Border Crisis, had his White House staff walk it back– rephraseing it say there is a crisis…. in Central America, not the United States.

Arizona Takes The Cartels Seriously At Least

Conversely Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, perhaps attempting to curry favor with his badly disenchanted GOP base declared a state of Emergency in the border region of Arizona and dispatched troops in his capacity as Commander of the Arizona National Guard to reinforce badly outnumbered and outgunned Customs and Border Patrol agents.

Ducey took aim markedly at the Biden-Harris regimes’ terrible mishandling of the border crisis.

“Let me be very clear, this is a border security issue. This is a Federal issue on Federal land. Border security is national security, it also results in public safety. This is not something thats going to be solved by talking to foundations and doing Zoom meetings with people in the Northern Triangle. This needs the full force and support of the Federal government.”



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