Capitol Readies For Roe v Wade Riots


Capitol Police thought deplorable barbarians were bad but this time they’re going to be up against Antifa types. Those radicals like to burn things, like police cars and police stations. If the cops are still in them, all the better, the anarchists say.

Capitol readies for riot

Capitol police activated the civil disturbance units on Tuesday, May 3, and scrambled to build bigger fences. They’re expecting riots to break out any moment now, in wake of the leaked SCOTUS decision overturning the fundamental right to kill babies.

The first protests started “within minutes of the initial leak Monday evening,” as upset baby-killers flocked to the Supreme Court building. It’s noteworthy that the fences they put up to protect themselves from the People’s Convoy aren’t good enough to protect them from fellow progressives.

Capitol officials have to allow “First Amendment activity” so they activated additional D.C. Police units to respond if things get out of control. Progressives are losing their minds over an opinion drafted by Justice Samuel Alito.

The majority of the court agree with what he wrote. The majority of Democrats are in nuclear meltdown mode.

What SCOTUS did was uphold a Mississippi abortion law. If the decision goes into a final version with anywhere close to what the draft says, Roe v. Wade will fade into history. Residents of the capitol are outraged enough to show up en masse.

They’re worried about what the draft says but don’t care at all that it managed to escape from the files of the Supreme Court. Our Chief Justice is concerned.

Betrayal of the court

According to Chief Justice John Roberts, the dastardly leak is a “betrayal” of the court. This slap in the face calls for a serious investigation and it’s already started. The rat, he promises, will soon be exterminated. At least from their job.

Meanwhile, over on Capitol Hill, Republicans are hopping mad about the “nearly unprecedented” leak, while “Democrats have sounded the alarms in defense of abortion.

According to Republican big-wig Mitch McConnell, whoever leaked should be put behind bars, pronto. “Somebody, likely somebody inside the court itself, leaked a confidential brief to the press, to stir up a pressure campaign,” the Kentucky Senator exclaims.

Whoever committed this lawless act knew exactly what it could bring about.” The capitol is full of rats, he insists.

The same political movement that used a leak to move up the timeline of Justice Breyer’s retirement process is trying to use yet another leak to make the court less secure and less impartial,” he added.

Joe Biden will be staying away from capitol conservatives. He thinks outlawing the murder of babies is an affront to “basic fairness.” He wants Democrat lawmakers to do something about it. Like that will ever happen.


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