Breaking Video: Mexican Special Forces Bust Out Cartel Boss


The surveillance video is clear. Either the Mexican Special Forces busted this cartel boss out of the pokey or his crew killed a unit and stole their uniforms. Whoever did it were obviously trained professionals and you can bet some glitterati generals are going to have some ‘splainin to do.

Military cartel traitors

According to Murphy’s Golden Rule, whoever has the gold makes the rules. It’s the law of the land in Mexico. It doesn’t get any more blatant than when a ranking cartel boss is professionally “extracted” from a jail cell by “gunmen in Mexican special forces uniforms.”

It shows who really runs their corrupt government but everybody already knew that anyway. Those uniforms had to come from somewhere and they aren’t easy to get.

At least four men in uniforms bearing the logo UNOPES, which translates to the Mexican Navy special forces, “broke a narco out of jail on July 13.” The surveillance videos went viral as soon as they leaked out.

This incident happened not far from the wide open U.S. border. The cartel employed banditos stormed the jail in their government issue bulletproof vests “with surprising ease.”

Mexican media is screaming for an explanation. If, they report, “the gunmen in the video are in fact active members of the UNOPES, it may be the most visually damning evidence of state corruption since President Andrés Manuel López Obrador took office in December 2018.”

Nobody trusts him to start with and wouldn’t put it past him to send troops to help his cartel connections. Obrador “has given increasing powers to Mexico’s armed forces in his nearly three years as president.” The Mexican Navy isn’t answering their phone.

A high ranking member

José Alfredo Hernández Campos is better known by his amigos as “El Calamardo” which loosely translates to “Squidward.” He’s also called “Metro 27” for his ties as “allegedly a high-ranking member of the Metros faction of the Gulf Cartel.”

He was a guest of the Attorney General’s Office in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, which is only a stones throw from McAllen, Texas. He could be there now, or in Canada for that matter.

Local cops didn’t even breathe heavy for fear of getting murdered. The video depicts “the gunmen entering the building with no resistance from local cops. They go in and out of unlocked doors, and eventually lead an officer to the cell of the waiting Hernández Campos.”

“The local cop unlocks the door, and after allowing the alleged cartel boss to leave, he walks nonchalantly back down the hall.” Campos was getting a little perturbed because he “claimed during his initial arrest the day prior that he was already paying protection fees to Mexican armed forces.”

The organization was so professional that to aid the escape, “members of the Gulf Cartel set up blockades throughout the city to stop police from recapturing Hernández Campos.” That led to “clashes with gunmen throughout Reynosa.”

The government is having a real hard time explaining how one of the attackers had “Defense Department identification” hanging off his UNOPES vest. American intelligence is suggesting that “the raid was conducted by a mixture of current and former members of the Mexican armed forces.”


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