ANOTHER Hunter Biden Email Exposure Leaves the Family SHOCKED

Hunter Biden Joe FBI DOJ Investigation

The Biden family is corrupt as hell, and everyone knows it. Mainstream media and big tech are doing their best to downplay Hunter’s overseas business dealings. Now an FBI investigation is under way. Will Joe Biden bury this case as soon as he gets into office?

Biden family paid off by the Chinese

Hunter Biden has been linked to the Chinese private equity firm BHR Partners. An email found on Hunter’s laptop confirms that he was set to receive significant payments from the company starting in 2019 and continuing for years to come. “BHR is due to have a significant distribution in 2019 because of the CATL exit,” Eric Schwerin wrote in a November 2018 email to Hunter Biden.

Schwerin also told Hunter Biden in December 2018 he can expect BHR to generate income for him “over the next couple of years.” The email conflicts with a statement released by Hunter Biden’s lawyer in October 2019 which stated he did not receive any distributions from BHR. Hunter Biden’s company obtained 10% equity in the firm two years ago.

The emails, which were found on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop in Delaware, show that he took out a $150,000 loan from one of BHR’s Chinese partners in 2017. “Since BHR will be making distributions in 2019 far exceeding $150,000 it is a no brainer to extend the loan,” Schwerin wrote to Hunter Biden and Mesires in a Dec. 20, 2018 email. “Of course, if we can execute the agreement as proposed 100% of those BHR distributions would go to you.”

Hunter Biden FBI investigation

China is buying up America

BHR is co-owned by the Chinese state-controlled Bank of China, business records for the firm show. The firm states on its website it manages the equivalent of $2.1 billion USD in assets. Schwerin told Hunter Biden in a Nov. 19, 2018, email that BHR was due to have a “significant distribution in 2019” because of its exit from the Chinese battery manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL).

A Financial Times examination into Hunter Biden’s foreign business ties in October 2019 found that that BHR nearly doubled its investment in CATL. The Chinese private equity firm sold its position in CATL for the equivalent of $30.1 million in 2018 after having invested the equivalent of $15.3 million in the battery manufacturer in 2015.

Chinese business records show that Hunter Biden still holds his 10% stake in BHR through his LLC despite multiple promises from Joe Biden that no one in his family would engage in business with foreign corporations or governments if he is elected president. Hunter Biden revealed last week that he has been notified that federal prosecutors in Delaware are investigating his “tax affairs.” Multiple news outlets have reported that the probe is focused on Hunter Biden’s foreign business activities.

It doesn’t take an FBI investigator to figure out that Joe Biden is using his son as the bag man to collect millions of dollars from foreign companies, some of which are directly tied to the Chinese Communist party. Did the commies rig our election and pay off our politicians?


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