Breaking: Suicide Attack on Military Base

Suicide Attack on Military Base

A suicide bomber detonated explosives during an attack on a military base, killing at least fifteen people.

According to police officer Hassan Dahir, the suicide bomber detonated at a checkpoint outside of the General Degaban military training camp in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, where new recruits were preparing for training.

Reuters reports that, according to a witness, the bomber specifically targeted “recruits who were lined up outside an army camp.” The suicide bomber was allegedly disguised among the recruits before he detonated.

At least 10 new recruits were killed and 20 others were wounded during the attack, according to information given to state media by military officer Odawaa Yusuf Rage.

Dozens of family members gathered outside of Madina Hospital in search of their missing relatives.

“My son is dead. I have seen with my eyes. Many boys perished. They were asked to come for recruitment and then bombed. The government is still hiding other casualties,” said Amina Farah, as she sobbed into the arms of family members.

Army recruit Ahmed Ali, who was present for the attack and was struck in the head by shrapnel from the bomb, spoke to Reuters at the hospital. “The place was overcrowded with new recruits and soldiers when the blast occurred,” he said.

The terrorist group Al Shabaab has taken credit for the bombing, announcing on its radio channel Al Andalus that its fighters carried out the attack.

Al Shabaab, whose purpose is to unseat the country’s government and impose Sharia Law, is known for these types of bombings.


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