Breaking News: Whistleblower Found Dead

Whistleblower Found Dead

Law enforcement officials are investigating an apparent “suicide” after a major whistleblower was found dead.

The “Clinton body count” is increasing as the whistleblower, who broke the bombshell story of the secret meeting between former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch in 2016, was found dead of an apparent suicide.

The Whistleblower

Christopher Sign, 45, was working at a news station in Phoenix when he revealed to the world that Bill Clinton secretly met with Loretta Lynch on a tarmac in Phoenix at the time that his wife, then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, was under investigation for the use of a private email server for official government communications.

Sign went on to publish a book about the meeting entitled “Secret on the Tarmac.”

According to the whistleblower, his reporting wasn’t “about Right or Left, Republican or Democrat, it’s about right and wrong and journalism.”


The Hoover 911 center received a call at 8:13 a.m. on June 13. When police and fire personnel arrived, they found Sign dead. According to Hoover Police Lt. Keith Czeskleba, the death is currently being investigated as a suicide.

Sign, who played football at the University of Alabama, chose to move back to the state to work at local ABC News station ABC3340 in 2017 after leaving Phoenix.

He left behind a wife and three sons.

“What most people don’t know is Chris turned down an opportunity to work for one of the national networks to come to ABC 33/40, and he made that decision because of his family. That decision put him in a place where he could see his boys off to school in the mornings, watch them play baseball in the evenings, and take them fishing on the weekends,” wrote ABC3340 in their article about Sign’s passing.

Many are questioning the idea that Sign would have committed suicide after hearing about his dedication to his family.

“Close friends of Christopher Sign appear very confused by his ‘suicide’ death, and paint the picture of a happy-go-lucky [jokester] who worshiped his wife and three boys,” journalist Missy Crane reported.

Fox Interview – Death Threats

Speaking with Fox News last year, he discussed the situation on the tarmac and the repercussions it has had on his life and career.

“[The book] details everything that they don’t want you to know and everything they think you forgot, but Bill Clinton was on that plane for 20 minutes and it wasn’t just about golf, grandkids, and Brexit. There’s so much that doesn’t add up,” he said. “He then sat and waited in his car with the motorcade, her airstairs come down, most of her staff gets off, he then gets on as the Secret Service and FBI are figuring out ‘How in the world are we supposed to handle this? What are we supposed to do?’”

Sign also noted that he “knew something had occurred that was a bit unusual” on the tarmac, stating: “It was a planned meeting. It was not a coincidence.”

Since reporting on the incident, Sign has received death threats.

“My family received significant death threats shortly after breaking this story,” he said. “Credit cards hacked. You know, my children, we have code words. We have secret code words that they know what to do.”

Watch the interview here:

Clinton Body Count

Though Wikipedia and the left call the “Clinton Body Count” a “debunked conspiracy theory,” the fact remains that there are a significant number of mysterious deaths surrounding Bill and Hillary Clinton. For a full list, check out this PDF.

As soon as Sign’s apparent suicide was announced, Twitter lit up with many people adding him to the “Clinton Body Count” list.

“Why are all people who expose Bill and Hillary Clinton skullduggery and end up dead are always ruled a suicide. Seems too convenient. I don’t have enough space here to list them all. Started however with Vince Foster,” wrote retired Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr.

“Christopher Sign, Birmingham TV anchor and former Alabama football player, dead in apparent suicide Just the reporter who broke the Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch secret tarmac meeting. Nothing to see here. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence,” wrote conservative commentator and TV host John Cardillo.

Some were only joking, or maybe half-joking, like journalist Tim Pool, who sent out two tweets about the news.

“This guy may have actually had information that would lead to the arrest of hillary clinton,” his first tweet read.

“They are investigating this journalists death as a suicide because at this point any journalist that tries to expose the Clintons must be suicidal. (This is a joke),” Pool’s second tweet read.


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