The Huge Influx of “Dark Money” That Swallowed 2020 Elections Into the Deep State Abyss


A foul, corrupt, incestuous relationship between the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) and the National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) and two of the companies in the US responsible for printing Dominion Voting System’s paper ballots fueled by a toxic stew of “Dark Money” has emerged. The tide of this putrid, disgusting sludge is what truly may have washed away the final vestiges of the American Republic in November of 2020.

The two firms: Runbeck Election Services of Tempe, Arizona, and the Fort Orange Press of Albany, NY, along with (you’re not going to believe this) Dominion Voting Systems, ES&S, and Hart InterCivic the leading voting machine manufacturers have ALL donated money to both organizations. the NASS which represents all fifty Secretaries of State and the NASED who represents the state Election Directors. Runbeck and Fort Orange donated $5,000 according to The Gateway Pundit.

They wrote,

“It is an out-and-out flagrant conflict of interest for voting machine vendors, software designers, and voting machine ballot printers to be corporate donors to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, alleged nonpartisan charities, NASS and NASED, which claim to represent 100% of the top U.S. election officials, both secretaries of state and states’ chief election officials.”

And get this: do you know who polices the NASED and NASS? In most states, non-profit organizations are ultimately overseen by…. The Secretary of State. So clearly they investigated themselves and found that nothing was wrong, right?

The Dark Money Trail Leads To Familiar Place And Faces

The money trail from the printing companies and the voting machine manufacturers straight to the elections official who are supposed to be holding them accountable is bad (in fact it’s REALLY BAD) But wait…. it STILL gets worse. The largest donor to the NASED with $20,000 is Pierre Omidyar’s Democracy Fund, who as exposed by Patriot United News, have pumped money into The Center for Tech and Civic Life or CTCL, Zuckerberg’s favorite group for forcing Americans into a 100% mail-in voting system!

And even more startling (they didn’t even try to hide this one), Facebook directly pumped $20,000 into the NASS! Seriously they didn’t even bother to filter it through some innocuous-sounding non-profit organization.

So in addition to spending over half a billion dollars on shoving the American people into a fully mail-in election that could be so easily manipulated, we now discover that they were making massive donations along with the companies directly responsible for handling the 2020 election. Naturally, those massive donations, (basically bankrolling these organizations) couldn’t possibly have manipulated our elected officials to act in the best interest of these companies… right?

Be careful when you ask these questions, especially if you ask them online. It gets dark when you start digging.


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