Breaking: Arizona Audit Update

Arizona Audit Update

A recent update regarding the Arizona audit has everyone on their toes. The audit, which is taking place in Maricopa County, is going to be finished very soon.

Finishing the Audit

According to the auditors, more than 60 percent of the 2.1 million ballots from the 2020 election have been counted as of last Friday. They expect that their work will be completed soon.

Reports have estimated that seven pallets of around 50,000 ballots each are left to count, totaling around 350,000 ballots remaining.

The results of the Arizona audit will be analyzed by the auditors after ballot counting is completed and verified, and conclusions are expected to be presented in a report later this month.

Why Democrats Are Desperate

Of course, with the end in sight, Democrats and the mainstream media are getting nervous. They have been trying to stop the Arizona audit since it began, with every attempt getting increasingly desperate.

Dr. Kelli Ward, the chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party, posted an update on the party’s official Twitter page. “Democrats just aren’t trying to stop the audit, they are using the audit to raise millions of dollars from Big Tech and Corporate Cronies, grab power, finance campaigns, and further their anti-America agenda. AZGOP Chairwoman @kelliwardaz tells us what’s at stake,” the Arizona GOP tweeted.

“We’ve also seen firsthand how Democrats, and their ultra-left-wing partners, were using the audit, which I remind you is 100 percent supported by the Arizona courts,” Ward stated in the video update.

“Democrats have been using it to further their own political agenda,” she continued. “Although Democrats like to pretend otherwise, their opposition to America’s audit has nothing to do with — and has never been about — the security of the ballots. They don’t care about what company the Arizona Senate has contracted with to do the audit, and they really don’t care about the results, since their game plan all along has been to undermine… whatever the final outcome is, no matter what.”

“So, what exactly — beyond stopping the audit — are they up to?” Ward asked. “It’s actually pretty simple. It is about raising hundreds of millions of dollars from their corporate titans and Big Tech cronies, as well as the dark money they’re so fond of. It is about perpetuating their propaganda, their lies, through their control of the mainstream, fake news, fake media. And ultimately, it is all about power.”

Ward is correct. The Democrats want to gain and retain power by any means necessary. This audit, and others like it, are a threat to that power. The left, and their allies in the mainstream media and Big Tech, will try to stop or discredit the audit with every tool available to them.


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