BOMBSHELL COVID Report Released by GOP


Staffers for Senate Republicans just released a report on October 27 outlining their reasons why the “most likely” origin of the COVID outbreak was some sort of “research-related incident” in China.

COVID report points finger at lab

Thursday’s report notes that the most likely explanation for the COVID pandemic starts with “safety lapses in laboratories” The senate investigators note there are more holes in the “official” evidence than a Swiss cheese.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and friends want the world to believe that it had a “natural origin” from “animals sold at a market in Wuhan.” The splice marks on COVID’s designer genes tell a different story.

Liberal news outlets are quick to point out that this report is most definitely not a scientific document. The senate investigators agree. It’s a “possible template for a future investigatory hearing in Congress.

They want to have the COVID lab leak hearings ready to roll for the moment Republicans regain control of either the House, Senate or both. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has already promised such hearings.

Running a full 35 pages, the “interim” report released by the office of North Carolina Senator Richard Burr, in conjunction with Republican staffers on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, probes deep into the origin of the COVID pandemic.

Liberals are also sure to point out that even though lab leak looks like the most likely explanation, “it does not rule out a market origin.

Not an alleged bio-weapon

Another thing that Democrats are breathing a heavy sigh of relief over is the fact the Republicans didn’t try to call it an intentionally designed bio-weapon. COVID may have been designed intentionally but not as a weapon and it leaked out by accident, not on purpose. At least, that’s the current theory.

That may change once they get to hold those hearings. The senate staffers were careful to avoid the more scandalous theories which are currently floating around. There will be lots of time to explore those after the real evidence gets to the surface.

The name of Dr. Anthony Fauci doesn’t appear a single time in the COVID report. He’s been a frequent target of the conservative right because as head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

He intentionally and quietly broke the rules to fund virus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Research which apparently led directly to the virus.

According to Professor David Relman with Stanford University, the report is “a credible effort to pull together a great deal of information, including on safety issues at Chinese laboratories.” He calls the report “a sober and fair treatment of what is largely a body of circumstantial evidence that makes the case for both hypotheses.

Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas praised the COVID report. “We owe it to the Americans who have lost their lives to the virus, their families, and those still struggling with the pandemic’s societal and economic consequences, to continue investigating the coronavirus’s origins.


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