Biden Was Spotted Doing Something Really Weird…


Joe Biden has been spotted growling and grumbling at palace staff, who don’t seem to know their place. They’re afraid he’s going to start snapping at their ankles like his dog Major does. The way mainstream outlets describe it, he’s “frustrated” with the way his administration is performing. His Wisdom “was furious that his remarks were being seen as unreliable, arguing that he speaks genuinely and reminding his staff that he’s the one who is ‘president.’

Biden regime riddled with failure

An article hit the presses describing Joe Biden as angry and confrontational. Refusing to acknowledge the signs of advancing dementia, he’s “furious with aides constantly walking back his ‘off-the-cuff‘ comments.” When he said Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power,” he meant it.

Even though his minions scurried to tell the Russians he had no plan at all of a regime change. They weren’t lying. Even though he was suggesting a regime change, he didn’t realize that. He didn’t realize he wasn’t in the ice cream shop either.

Joe Biden, insiders say, is “twisted.” He’s also “mystified” that he could possibly be landing lower poll numbers than his deplorable adversary, Donald Trump. As “his approval ratings struggle to get above 40 percent,” Joe “has to remind those in his inner circle he is president.” Even they don’t believe it.

Nobody bothered to tell him about the baby formula crisis until he saw it on TV, “despite economics experts claiming it had been building up to the crisis point for up to a year.”

With Jen Psaki following the entire staff of Kamala Harris out the door, it’s been announced that Ron Klain is next. Now that his link to Hansjörg Wyss was exposed, his departure is scheduled for right after the mid-term election.

Joe Biden will really miss his chief of staff, “known for putting up a vociferous defense of his boss on Twitter.”

No mid-term strategy

One of the things that really cheeses Joe Biden off is the fruitless search for “a potent midterm strategy to help Democrats keep their razor-thin control of Congress.”

According to leaking White House workers, “he shares the view that we haven’t landed on a winning midterm message…And he’s putting a lot of pressure on people to figure out what that is.” He doesn’t have a clue himself so he depends on the experts to wave a magic wand and produce one out of thin air.

Democrats are ready to throw him under the next bus which comes along. According to House Majority Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina, a Biden endorsement is the political kiss of death.

I don’t know what’s required here. But I do know the poll numbers have been stuck where they are for far too long.” Where they are is scraping the bottom.

Another thing which has Joe Biden slamming oval office doors is all the “negative coverage he’s received” from so called friendly media. He can’t figure out why there aren’t any Democrats at all “on television defending him.”

That’s because they don’t have much to say. Nobody is going to walk out in front of cameras and get asked about the confirmation of Hunter Biden’s laptop as authentic, by forensic analysis, which the Washington Examiner made public.


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