Biden Signals Game Change Rule Reversal On the Way


Joe Biden appears to be waffling over whether to break his word or not and do away with a pesky Senate rule. If he does, it will be a total game changer. Our Imperial Leader has been doing his best to duck the issue over the holidays but he can’t stall the grumbling socialists and his Deep State handlers much longer.

Filibuster rule on the block

Before he got elected and all the way up to this past October, His Wisdom swore up and down that he opposed any changes to the “filibuster” rule. It’s looking more and more each day like he’s about to crack and give in to the radical left. His handlers keep telling him that the “arcane” procedure “should not stand in the way of important issues such as voting rights and immigration.”

Especially because they found out Pence really did have the power to do what Trump and all the advisors were suggesting he should do. Actually apply the “Electoral Count Act” law, for a change.

The Senate’s current top dog, scheming Chuck Schumer, is packing political heat for the coming filibuster rule showdown. Like an outlaw of yesteryear, he’s “pledging to muscle through sweeping new federal legislation.”

His government legislation gun is “aimed at counteracting moves by Republicans in state capitols.” They keep trying to prevent ballot box stuffing and trying to protect election integrity. Globalist bankers who run the world will never stand for that.

Joe Biden may be occupying the Oval Office like Zuccotti Park but pulling this major rule change off is looking like “a near-impossible feat.” That doesn’t mean it won’t happen. It does mean that he will have to “persuade reluctant senators in his own caucus.”

Especially, those two thorns in his side, Joe Manchin and Kyrstin Sinema. His back is against the wall to do something because there is no other way “to bypass the 60-vote threshold needed to overcome Republicans’ repeated blockades of the bills.” Not only that, everybody knows the clock is ticking because Democrats expect a bloodbath in the midterms.

Time is running out

Even rabidly progressive CNN is reporting that time “is running out for Democrats, who are racing to establish new ground rules for voting ahead of this year’s midterm elections that will determine which party controls Congress.”

The filibuster rule means they need both rogue DINO defectors, Sinema and Manchin, and then another 10 RINO traitor republicans, besides.

Some of the biggest headaches for the Deep State are the election rule changes already passed and signed into law by Republican-controlled legislatures.

It drives Democrats nuts that conservatives actually want to limit absentee ballots to one per living registered voter who actually asks for one or dare to ask a duly registered voter to show the same ID they need to complete a bank transaction. If that were to stand, Democrats won’t be able to rig elections in their favor anymore.

The Senate has until January 17 to kill the filibuster rule. With the deadline looming and no clear path to jumping the hurdles in sight, compromised Republican RINOs have been floating a compromise idea which is just as bad. The Democrats might find the 10 or 12 traitors they need if they focus on changing the law Trump tried to use on January 6.

The Electoral Count Act “details how Congress counts Electoral College votes from each state.” After they kicked it around with the constitutional scholars, Nancy Pelosi’s inquisition was horrified to learn that Trump was right all along, and Mike Pence did have the authority to reject some of the results, if he had the stones to do it. The Deep State doesn’t want to get close to taking that chance again.


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