Biden Pushes the Pooh Bear Over Taiwan


Joe Biden and his minions can’t seem to avoid starting trouble with our adversaries. This time, His Wisdom wants to do an arms deal with Taiwan. After pushing Vladimir Putin into an invasion, Joe started poking the Pooh Bear with a stick, for fun. Xi Jinping “has adopted a more aggressive foreign policy than his predecessors,” which has experts suggesting he might invade the disputed island for the heck of it.

Biden has cheap missiles

Joe Biden wants to make Taiwan a screaming deal on some “missiles and smaller arms for asymmetric warfare.

He wants to close the deal soon because Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine increased the “urgency” of getting the defenses built up quickly for China’s version of Puerto Rico. Xi Jinping isn’t happy about that.

American advisors have been “reexamining” the Taiwanese military, to figure out if they could fight a Chinese invasion anywhere nearly as well as the Ukrainians are doing against the Russians.

Biden is convinced that the key to civil safety is “quietly pressing the Taiwanese government to order American-made weapons that would help its small military repel a seaborne invasion by China.

We already have a deal for “weapons designed for conventional set-piece warfare” but those won’t get the job done. Besides, Uncle Sam needs a big sale to pay the inflation bill. Biden has been meddling in the affairs of Taiwan’s defenses since he took office.

After what Vlad Putin pulled off, Washington is convinced “that a Chinese invasion of Taiwan in the coming years is now a potential danger.

The right weapons

The whole key to fending off the communist horde is “a smaller military with the right weapons that has adopted a strategy of asymmetric warfare, in which it focuses on mobility and precision attacks, can beat back a larger foe.

For that, you need these nifty American made weapons. You don’t need to see the price tag, you can afford it. The real question is can you afford not to buy them? Joe Biden should have his own peddling route.

President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan is fully on board. He’s already been “trying to orient the country’s military toward asymmetric warfare and has moved to buy a large number of mobile, lethal weapons that are difficult to target and counter.” His officials are nervous about the deal with Biden though. Joe won’t sell them the MH-60R Seahawk helicopters made by Lockheed Martin that they want.

Biden’s minions call them “lemons” and say if they go up against the Chinese in those, they’ll get their assets handed to them in battle. Besides, Blinky over at the State Department said forget it.

No, what you want, Biden agents insist, are some HIMARS rocket artillery launchers. The Taiwanese had been expecting “M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzers” but supply chain issues have prevented delivery.

That’s the same excuse they have been getting on the stingers they ordered. That has the Taiwanese wondering if Joe and his cronies can actually hold up their end of any deal.


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