China Sends Warships


It was supposed to be a secret meeting but somehow China knew it was going to happen. On Friday, the People’s Republic announced fresh “military drills around Taiwan.” They spelled out exactly why they were doing it. A U.S. Congressional delegation visited the island on the sly and the People’s Liberation Army didn’t like it. Taiwan is not a “country!

China upset with Congress

In an official announcement on Friday, April 15, the People’s Liberation Army confirmed they “conducted military drills around Taiwan.” They did it, they note, “to target the ‘wrong signals‘ sent by the United States.

Joe Biden seems to forget China has Hunter Biden in their pocket so they sent a little reminder in the form of “frigates, bombers and fighter planes.

The East China Sea and the area around Taiwan is still their back-yard playground, PLA Eastern Theater Command spokesman Shi Yilu said on state TV. “This operation is in response to the recent frequent release of wrong signals by the United States on the Taiwan issue,” Shi said.

He didn’t mention the visiting lawmakers but called the “U.S. bad actions and tricks” completely “futile and very dangerous.” He ominously warns “those who play with fire will burn themselves.

Bob Menendez, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee made a slip of the lip in a secret meeting with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on Friday. It didn’t take long for Xi Jinping to hear the tape.

As a hub of technology, Menendez pointed out, Taiwan is a “country of global significance,” while noting “its security has implications for the world.” Under the official “One China” policy, Taiwan is a possession, not a country.

Six American lawmakers

Menendez was part of a delegation made up of six American lawmakers. They were allegedly there to “show of support to the democratic island in the face of Chinese pressure.

Even visiting ticks off the Pooh Bear. “China regards the island as one of its provinces.” We wouldn’t like it if they flooded Hawaii with communist activists.

While Uncle Sam can’t recognize Taiwan on the street, he can still play sugar daddy – as the island’s “most important international backer and arms supplier.” Menendez admits he infuriates the communists in mainland China but they’ll get over it.

With Taiwan producing 90% of the world’s high-end semiconductor products, it is a country of global significance, consequence and impact, and therefore it should be understood the security of Taiwan has a global impact.” That impact could be nuclear, the way things are going.

Joe Biden isn’t helping things any when his administration keeps saying things like our “rock-solid” commitment to Taiwan. With Russia invading Ukraine, China might decide to move while everyone is distracted.

Jerusalem Post reports the 3-D chess game goes like this. “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has also put Taipei on alert for any possible moves by Beijing to use the Ukraine crisis to make a move on the island.” Lindsay Graham was also at the secret conclave. All he had to say on record is “We will stand with you. To abandon Taiwan will be to abandon democracy and freedom.


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