Attorney General Makes HUGE Announcement… Trump is LIVID


We had speculated that the AG would refer the Trump case to a special counsel if Trump ran for president.

Well, Trump announced, and so did Garland.

On Friday, Garland broke the news, and Trump blew his top.

Not Participating

Trump has already stated that he will not participate in the investigation any further.

Once again, he is playing the victim, but I am not sure how that will play out with voters.

It is a far weaker stance than he has taken in the past.

That, however, could be the least of his worries.

Several experts believe this could be a real problem for Trump.

Jonathan Turley stated, “The past cases, even the most egregious cases have resulted in relatively light criminal charges, that is, for possessing or removing classified evidence.

“That is not the case with obstruction.

“So when we’re talking about obstruction, that is something that can come and has historically come with significant penalties.

“So I think that the scope of this investigation is going to be a serious concern.”

It was also revealed the scope goes well beyond January 6.

“WSJ at Large” host Gerry Baker stated, “This part of the investigation is not just about January 6th.

“This is much broader than that.

“This is about the whole effort, it says, to interfere with the lawful transfer of power following the 2020 election.”

It is yet another consideration for voters when it comes time to cast their ballots during the primary.


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