Antifa Dealt Crushing Blow By World Leader and it Doesn’t Stop There

Antifa terror

In America, according to the alleged director of the FBI, Antifa don’t exist. They’re only figments of deranged deplorable nightmares. In Europe, they’ve been declared global terrorists. They aren’t just bad and nation-wide. They’ve gone global, New World Order style.

Bloody Antifa anarchy

Janez Jansa is fed up with “protesters who bring bloody anarchy to cities.” The Slovenian Prime Minister is convinced the radical anarchists have “become a threat to everyone.” He got a good look at what happened recently in Nantes, France. He was so upset he simply had to throw his two cents in on Twitter.

Google translate spits the conversion from Slovenian out as: “Antifa is a global terrorist organization. Supported by the capital of financial speculators forging profits at the expense of the chaos caused by the operation.”

Jansa made the declaration just in time for Halloween on October 31. His own nation has been battling Antifa in the streets “for more than a year over a variety of issues.” They took extra-special heat because Slovenia is the ” home country of former first lady Melania Trump.”

The country had to break free from Yugoslavia to escape communist rule. Not only is Jansa the leader of Slovenia, he’s temporary “president of the EU Council,” taking his turn in the rotation.

The incident which sparked his official ire went viral as a post “illustrating violence that took place in the French city of Nantes when far-left protesters sought to disrupt an event for French presidential hopeful Eric Zemmour, a conservative writer.”

For a non-existent group, Antifa are rather well equipped and organized.

Violence and death threats

Le Figaro reported that at least “600 far-left protesters fought with police and called for the death of Zemmour.” The Antifa forces act a whole lot like what military textbooks call “irregular forces.”

Basically, the black-bloc clad and riot gear shielded terrorists are an undercover army. They don’t have M-16’s but there isn’t any shortage of roman candles, bear spray, frozen water bottles, or green lasers.

The conservative French candidate shrugged it off as part of the job. “We know who Joseph Stalin was, we know the hundreds of thousands of deaths he caused, these people are only his distant descendants.”

Antifa hates him so much because he’s “been likened by French political observers to a French version of former President Donald Trump.” His whole campaign was “focused on the culture wars and immigration.”

Antifa came totally unglued when Zemmour spoke out against the Prophet. “I think many French people were waiting for this message, that someone speaks to them about France, about how they feel: that the country is in danger of dying, subverted by an unprecedented wave of migration, that whole areas of the country have become enclaves of foreign Islamists.” You would think he drew a cartoon or something.

In Italy, with the blessing of alleged Pope Francis, the “crowd of antifa protesters was estimated to be around 100,000 people.”


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