ALERT: 40,000 Fraudulent Votes Emerge

ALERT: 40,000 Fraudulent Votes Emerge

A lawsuit has been filed by the Trump campaign which provides evidence fraudulent votes, including people voting twice, and deceased voters.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of electors and the Trump campaign, and is attempting to prevent Nevada from sending their electors to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Judge James Russell is set to reveal his decision in the matter today, as he needed time to review all of the evidence presented to him.

According to Trump campaign lawyer Jesse Binnall, the judge was presented with evidence that 1,506 votes cast in the election came from deceased voters. He also alleged that 2,468 votes were cast by voters who changed their address to another state or country, 42,284 people voted TWICE, and 20,000 people voted in Nevada without a Nevada mailing address.

Joe Biden is only winning in Nevada by 33,569 votes. If allegations of fraudulent votes presented by the Trump campaign are proven true, the results in the state could be overturned.

On Twitter, the Nevada GOP shared a video of 20 binders which allegedly contain evidence provided to the court. The tweet read: “We have 20 binders containing 8,000 pages of evidence that will be presented in just a few minutes showing what took place this election in Nevada!”

According to Binnall, Clark County failed to secure its voting machines, and limited security was provided during the process of moving data from the machines into the county’s system.

“In the dead of night, votes appeared and votes reappeared without explanation, and there is no good explanation,” the attorney said.

“This election was unfortunately stolen. We cannot turn a blind eye with evidence like this. We cannot allow an election to be stolen,” Binnall added.

Concerns are being brought up in many battleground states that voter fraud and irregularities occurred on a massive scale which may have effected the outcome of the election. If these allegations are not investigated, the American people may lose their faith in the integrity of U.S. elections.


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